London: Jessica Wright & Jessica-Jane Clement @ “Lipstick Boutique” Launch Party

Jessica Wright, Jessica-Jane ClementPhoto Credit: WENN; Pictured: Jessica Wright, Jessica-Jane Clement

UK celebrities from the d-list and lower were out in full effect last night at the launch celebration of the new clothing line “Lipstick Boutique” by Jessica Wright at Soho Sanctum Hotel in London. Instead of bothering with most of the attendees who’d garner the “Who?” reaction we figured to focus solely on two, the host, who’ll still get a bunch of “Who?” reactions and Jessica-Jane Clement who is a somewhat regular to the site whenever she shows up for red carpet events. Anyways, if you can’t get enough of Jessica Wright then hit up the Lipstick Boutique website where she’s plastered all over the site plugging her goods for sale. To answer the “Who?” question, Jessica Wright made her way to our site via her appearance on The Only Way Is Essex, that’s about it.