SYDNEY: HOLY SHISH KABOB! Miranda Kerr Did A Bikini Photo Shoot!

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Bikini Shoot in SydneyPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

It definitely took a long ass time, but Miranda Kerr finally pulled through for her creepy/obsessive fan base ran around a beach in Sydney wearing a bikini. This looks similar to one of those VS shoots, but those are normally done in the Caribbean as opposed to thousands of miles away in Sydney, Australia.

Miranda looked absolutely flawless during the shoot, but who knows what these photos will look like once the airbrush team gets their slimy hands on them. One thing is for sure though, more women need to start drinking that green juice to help flex their post-baby hottie muscles. Then again, I guess being a Victoria’s Secret model in the first place has gotta help things in the hotness department, right?

Just look at that lighting guy! I bet he hasn’t taken a lunch break in years! That son of a bitch. While most of us are stuck doing shitty jobs, that guy gets paid to look at chicks like Miranda Kerr shake their bikini bodies a few feet away from him.