Bikini-Clad Kate Upton Pimps Skullcandy “Supermodel Crew” Headphones

Bikini-Clad Kate Upton Pimps Skullcandy HeadphonesPhoto Credit: Skullcandy via Splash News Online

Anybody in the market for a really hot pair of headphones to rock while cruising around town? Well, marketing geniuses at Skullcandy have hooked-up with Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton to help give their brand a little edginess. Just imagine if they buy that coveted billboard spot on Broadway & Houston in lower Manhattan! God damn! I doubt Skullcandy could afford the spot, but a giant photo of Kate Upton on that intersection would seriously make a lot of guys happy as they chase their ladies down Broadway going from store to store. Kate is promoting headphones & earbuds—assuming you get your eyes off other areas of the photos.

If Kate isn’t your flavor, Skullcandy also announced that it’s new crew of supermodel ambassadors (again, the marketing genius behind this campaign needs a big year-end bonus) will include the likes of Jessica Stam, Chrissy Teigen and Chanel Iman. I think of a few more models who also need to become Skull Angels!

  • i’m supposed to think she is ugly and fat?

    • Moe

      ya, i don’t understand some people…

      • She can use some toning up, but I’ve never seen anyone say she was ugly.

        She has a great face.

    • Nookies

      Yes because she is. Pig nose, saggy stretch mark tits, horrible blonde bimbo personality, a social fucker, boxy torso. Average face. You can’t see those flaws because you’re too busy looking at her giant tits. Once she gets knocked up or approaching her 30’s she’ll be a fatty mcfatfat.

  • pjggv

    She’s cute

  • jimbo

    I’d like to be up kate upton!

  • Seems like her tummy is getting smaller.

    She looks great here.

  • Her midsection is photoshopped to appear more narrow.
    And I see they shopped her mustache, too.
    She is not fat, she has no waist and has very shapeless legs, her legs are horrible. Face is cute but the hairy mole and the mustache are not appealing
    Call me a hater but I am disgusted by hairy upper lip.

    • Krouse has no waist either but she’s toned. I think Kate should hit up Doutzens trainer.

  • Jedi mind trick

    Kate has her flaws, but she’s very hot. Not gorgeous or beautiful, but she’s undeniably hot. Her best quality, besides her tits, is her height. Love me some tall blonde.