“One Direction” singer Liam Payne Can Do Better Than Girlfriend Danielle Peazer

One Direction's Liam Payne & girlfriendPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

I’m not a total hater, but for a dude has millions of chicks clamoring all over him, I’m sure “One Direction” singer Liam Payne can pull hotter ass than Danielle Peazer. While she’s not ugly, I wouldn’t say she’s up to par w/ the type of girls this dude should be scoring at this point in his career, but then again, you gotta take into consideration that most of his fans are 14/15 & under, so it’s not necessarily his fault he can’t find a really hot lingerie supermodel in her early 20s. I guess he’ll have to wait a few years to really score big, but the obvious question that comes to mind is whether he’ll still be famous a few years form now? Sadly, we’re betting on a big, fat no.

  • maybe she is really loyal?

  • McP

    Interesting. Look closely, her facial features are similar to his, that may be why he finds her attractive.

    • hahaha that’s not true, look her nose or her eyes, let them live their lifes 🙂 they’re gonna break up when they have to ok? and for me he will always be famous

  • Mayana

    People like you who write stuff like this is part of the reason they broke up. Useless hate that’s not needed. Oh, and when I clicked 1 star on this article, it said ‘Thanks, you bastard’. Ha, funny. I’m so amused.

  • Marieke

    Firstly, look at his girl, do you need glasses? She got an amazing body and a pretty face, I mean yes, she isn’t a lingerie model, but we don’t know her personally, she might be smart, loyal and funny.
    Secondly just because famous and drop dead gorgeous people usually date other famous gorgeous people doesn’t mean it’s a standard formula. Just like ‘normal’ people celebrities are ALSO looking for a significant other who they can share feelings and have deep conversations with.
    Sort out your priorities, with this attitude you will never find true love.
    Disgustingly superficial article, and you’re welcome bastard…