“One Direction” singer Liam Payne Can Do Better Than Girlfriend Danielle Peazer

One Direction's Liam Payne & girlfriendPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

I’m not a total hater, but for a dude has millions of chicks clamoring all over him, I’m sure “One Direction” singer Liam Payne can pull hotter ass than Danielle Peazer. While she’s not ugly, I wouldn’t say she’s up to par w/ the type of girls this dude should be scoring at this point in his career, but then again, you gotta take into consideration that most of his fans are 14/15 & under, so it’s not necessarily his fault he can’t find a really hot lingerie supermodel in her early 20s. I guess he’ll have to wait a few years to really score big, but the obvious question that comes to mind is whether he’ll still be famous a few years form now? Sadly, we’re betting on a big, fat no.