Mexico City: Candice Swanepoel Blesses Liverpool Fashion Fest w/ Her Beauty

Candice SwanepoelPhoto Credit: Splash News Online

We’re pretty sure supermodel Candice Swanepoel made a nice chunk of change in appearance fees for hitting up the Fashion Festival Liverpool held inside a big mall in Mexico City. Let’s hope Candi can get her ass out of Mexico without getting kidnapped & gang raped by the country’s crazy drug cartel members. Although, we’re pretty sure if the cartel ever got their slimy hands on Candice, they’d be very gentle.
Candice Swanepoel in Mexico City

  • these are C- pictures for her and they are still good

  • she is perfection

  • Meh

    Painfully average and hilariously overrated.

    • Yes looks different than from photoshoots

  • The crocodile or snake pants rule tho.

  • Boz, the Butthole of Zeuz

    Hai guise, so this is the new bastardly looks like. It looks… not bastardly at all.

  • Boz, the Butthole of Zeuz

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  • The cartel after having their way , would more then likely want some ransom money for her…those fuckers have no mercy…

    • Moe

      I’m pretty sure drug bosses wouldn’t mind a candice swanepoel in their personal collection of hotties.

  • mmm

    Have you seen Irina Shayk’s pics in Monaco? 😉

  • lenilovesfeet

    I can see why some are not crazy about her face, but I don’t understand how people call Candice average. What’s so average about her? Slender figure, great proportions, full sexy lips, gorgeous cat like eyes, that’s not average. She does have a gummy smile and her hair is not great but this woman is 9/10, real life standards.

  • 9 of 10?

    Not attractive. Looks like the wicked witch of the west.

    • Moe

      damn, we really need to get the hater alert back…

  • Maria

    Candice is georgeous; she is my favorite model… I just love her!!!