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BREAKING!! Jessica Alba Spends Time With Her Family!

Jessica Alba & Her FamilyPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

We’re just playing, Jessica!!

These were snapped yesterday morning as Jessica Alba was seen leaving the popular Newsroom Cafe in West Hollywood following a nice brunch with her lucky-bastard husband Cash Warren & daughters Honor & Haven.

Jessica, who continues to work on films (unfortunately) while also helping to manage her new consumer goods company of which she’s a co-founding partner, is naturally an awfully busy working mom, so it’s nice to see that she uses the weekends for family outings. Even With all her mommy & business-related responsibilities, she’s still one of the hottest women in Hollywood, so major props for that! Although doubtful, let’s just hope that Cash Warren is still getting a piece from time to time.

L.A.: Ladies Who Attended The 2012 Environmental Media Awards

Jennifer Akerman, Jessica Alba, Jessica Capshaw, Jessica SzohrPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Pictured: Jennifer Akerman, Jessica Alba, Jessica Capshaw, Jessica Szohr

The 22nd Annual Environmental Media Awards took place at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. Organized by the Environmental Media Association honor for programs that raise awareness about environmental issues. Hosted by Malin Akerman, amongst the winners were Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, HBO’s Veep, and Disney’s Handy Mandy. Jessica Alba and Ian Somerhalder were also recognized for their environmental contributions. For more info, visit the EMA website.

Emily VanCamp, Kat Graham, Mayra Veronica, Torrey DeVittoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Pictured: Emily VanCamp, Kat Graham, Mayra Veronica, Torrey DeVitto

Amy Smart, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, Talulah RileyPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures
Pictured: Amy Smart, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, Talulah Riley

Las Vegas: Lacey Chabert Celebrated Her 30th Birthday at Gallery Nightclub

Lacey ChabertPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Lacey Chabert, best-known as Claudia from FOX’s Party of Five back in the mid/late 90’s celebrated her 30th birthday in Vegas at Gallery Nightclub in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Celebrating with Lacey were Ali Fedotowsky and Amy Davidson whom we both purposely left out of this post. As for Lacey, her latest project Slightly Single in L.A. is set for release on December 1st, atleast according to the Wiki page. The film also stars Kip Pardue, Haylie Duff, Carly Schroeder, Jenna Dewan, and Jonathan Bennett.

Dale Squire is a hip, quirky, independent single woman living in the glossy city of Los Angeles. After several failed attempts in quasi-relationships, Dale concludes that finding a meaningful relationship in L.A. is impossible. But being anti-social is tough for any young girl in Hollywood. With Jill’s frantic wedding right around the corner, Dale finds herself reflecting on the significance of marriage, and the mutual respect needed for a successful relationship.

When Zach, a successful heartthrob rock star and old friend of Dale’s finds his way back into her life, Dale slowly starts to think that maybe finding love in L.A. is possible – the only problem is that her realization might have come too late, leaving Dale in a silent love triangle, with no way out. [Wiki]

Ashley Benson Needs To Start Making More Movies!

Ashley BensonPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

We understand that in Hollywood it’s difficult to land a stable gig, so the fact that Ashley Benson might be comfortable with her hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars” is no surprise. Then again, the fact that she’s willing to take on projects like “Spring Breakers” proves that she’s willing to take the risks necessary to catapult herself into the next phase of her career. That’s why we have a feeling things might change for Ashley after “Spring Breakers” hits theaters March 5, 2013–especially if the film kills it at the box-office. Let’s hope for the best, but considering she turns 23 in December, Ashley needs to act quickly b/c Hollywood’s notorious for age discrimination when it comes to females.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Ashley was seen hitting up a cafe in Toluca Lake for a smoothie w/ her lil’ pooch.

MAUI: I WANT THIS JOB! Ali Landry’s Personal Paddle Board Instructor!

Ali Landry Paddle boards in HawaiiPhoto Credit: Splash News Online

Ali Landry continued her vacation in Hawaii the beautiful former model was spotted learning to paddle board yesterday afternoon (Friday, Sept. 28) off the coast of Wailea, Maui. Compared to her previous outings, the 39-year-old rocked a very simple, yet smoking hot black bikini. It’s nice to know that the Bastardly Cougar Community will adding another great member next July when Ali hits 40. OW!

Hawaii: 39-Year-Old Ali Landry Killin’ It In Her Bikini! OW!
Ali Landry’s Attempt At Longboarding In Maui Looked Painful…

Ali Landry Paddle boards in HawaiiPhoto Credit: Splash News Online

Celebrity Kicks Matchup: Jessica Alba in Under Armour Charge vs Vanessa Hudgens in Nike Air Max

Vanessa Hudgens in Nike Air Max & Jessica Alba in Under ArmourPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; FameFlynet Pictures

So yeah, it’s the weekend & it’s a little slow around here, but we figured you bastards might enjoy seeing a few photos of a couple of our favorites getting their workout/

First we have momma Jessica Alba, who was seen leaving Third Street Dance Studio in West Hollywood. Let’s just hope & pray that J.Alba is using the dance practice as a workout as apposed to practice for a future role. Now that she’s a full-blown entreprenuer w/ her partnership, J.Alba needs to consider retiring from acting.

Next up, we have “Spring Breakers” hottie Vanessa Hudgens, who was seen making a leggy exit from her Piloxing class in Studio City. We’re not 100% sure, but we’re assuming Piloxing is a freaky combination of Pilates & boxing. You can learn more about it on the Piloxing website.

Vanessa Hudgens in Nike Air Max & Jessica Alba in Under ArmourPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; FameFlynet Pictures; Jessica Alba’s Under Armour Charge RC
Vanessa Hudgens in Nike Air Max & Jessica Alba in Under ArmourPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; FameFlynet Pictures
Vanessa Hudgens in Nike Air Max & Jessica Alba in Under ArmourPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; FameFlynet Pictures

Lea Michele Hits Lunch; Walks Out With Some Green Juice

Lea Michele in short-shorts in L.A.Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

“Glee” hottie Lea Michele was all smiles late last week (Thursday, September 27) as she walked back to her car following lunch. Just like a lot of other Hollywood celebrities, the leggy actress was sipping on some trusty green juice.

And for those of you bastards who missed it the last time, there’s glimmers of life following her stint on “Glee.” Lea’s biggest project for the big screen to date is the upcoming animated feature “Dorothy of Oz,” which hits theaters sometime in 2013. She obviously scored the lead, but she’s accompanied by big doggs like Dan Aykroyd (Scarecrow), James Belushi (Cowardly Lion), Kelsey Grammer (Tin Man), Martin Short (Wicked Jester) and Patrick Stewart (Tugg). It’s a $60 million, so it’ll definitely give Lea some cash to spend while she decides on her next big, non-animated project!

L.A.: Shaq Took His Kids To The Grove For Some Daddy Time

Shaq Takes His Kids To The GrovePhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Sorry we didn’t get to this earlier, but Shaq was spotted at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles with his girls last week (Wednesday, September 26). Before catching a late-afternoon movie with his daughters, he dropped a few bucks at the American Girl store.

Shaq’s net worth estimates range from $150 to 250 million & with all his various endorsements, as well as his new TNT analyst gig, which reportedly pays roughly $1 million per year, the guy is living it up fairly well following retirement. I have a feeling he’ll end up doing better than Magic Johnson in a few years with all his business ventures, so look for that number to climb real fast. Let’s not forget, the guy recently bagged a Ph.D.!!

Anyway, with this Shaq post, I’m already kinda looking forward to the upcoming NBA season & of course, Inside The NBA! It’s always fun watching the Charles, Shaq & Kenny goofing off and earning lots of money doing it. I’m tell you, those three bastards have the best jobs on TV!

L.A.: Kristin Cavallari Continues Pissing Off All Recently Pregnant Women

Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Her Post-Pregnancy LegsPhoto Credit: Splash News Online

Less than two months after Kristin Cavallari popped out her first kid, a baby boy named Camden Jack, she was seen catwalking down the street in West Hollywood showing off her post-pregnancy body. The only noticeable difference between Kristin’s pre-pregnancy & post-pregnancy bodies is the larger rack in the latter, but knowing how the celebrity weight loss culture works, we’re pretty sure Kristin doesn’t spend long, sleepless nights breastfeeding her baby boy (that’s assuming her kid even sleeps with her in the same room, of course). Halleluyah for millions in the bank, live-in nannies & wet nurses!!

Kristen’s Ultra-Quick Recovery
She wasn’t that big the final days of her pregnancy, so we’re not too shocked that she pulled through so quickly. I guess the big question is whether Kristin resorted to a little nip & tuck directly following the pregnancy or did she completely neglect her newborn kid while she spent hours at her home gym to quickly bring things back into shape? I guess we’ll never know…

And, besides looking stunning, Kristin’s also doing another thing that most new moms can’t seem to do following pregnancy: She’s already enjoying dinners at restaurants—no takeout here, ladies! The photo below was snapped last night as she was seen hitting up Katsuya on Hollywood Blvd.
Kristin Cavallari  Hits Dinner @ KatsuyaPhoto Credit: Splash News Online

Lucy Pinder & HerBeautiful Eyes Bring The Links!

Lucy PinderPhoto Credit: Via Hollywood Tuna – Lucy’s Pics That You’ll Wanna See…

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Curb Watch: Vanessa Hudgens Goes Down Curb In Freaky-Ankle Boots

Vanessa Hudgens At a Unocal 76Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Since we’re not shoe experts, maybe one of you ladies can help us classify Vanessa’s shoes. Do those babies fall into the wedge category or are those ankle boots or maybe just freaky-looking lace-up shoes? Whatever the case, you can tell Vanessa just bought them & desperately wanted to show them off to the papz. Since she probably Googles herself (like every other Hollywood celeb), maybe she’ll find this post and read Skillgan’s opinion (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL since all our posts are on page 30+ on Google and also b/c Vanessa despises us).

These latest photos were snapped earlier today the former Disney starlet-turned naughty up & coming star stopped off at a Unocal 76 for gas before hitting up Milk Studios for a photo shoot.

Aside from “Spring Breakers,” Vanessa’s next film set to hit theaters is the drama “Gimme Shelter,” which is an indy flick written & directed by Ron Krauss and stars Brendan Fraser, Rosario Dawson & James Earl Jones. The film will hit theaters (probably limited release) on November 8. As one of the main character, Vanessa takes up the role of a pregnant teenager who runs away from her abusive mother (Rosario Dawson) and traces her real father (Brendan Fraser). Don’t know about you drones, but This sounds like a film that should be screening at film festivals as opposed to “Spring Breakers,” but we won’t complain too much. Anyway, here’s some plot action:

16 year old street-wise Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) has never had an easy life. Her mother, June Bailey (Rosario Dawson), is an addict and prostitute, is verbally and physically abusive, and is grooming her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Apple knows the streets, alleys and motels like the back of her hand but wants more from her life. She possesses a tenacious, tough, indomitable spirit, and will not surrender to fate. Apple runs away from her mother and tracks down her father whom she has never known, as he was only 19 when he got Apple’s mother pregnant. Apple begs her now Wall Street Broker father, Tom Fitzpatrick (Brendan Fraser), to take her in. In the few days under her father’s care, she learns she’s become pregnant by a kid from the streets she met on the train, who now wants nothing to do with her. She is forced to leave her father’s home because of her choice to give birth to the baby she is carrying.

Apple runs away again, and is eventually taken under the wing of Father McCarthy (James Earl Jones), the chaplain of the local hospital after almost getting herself killed. He offers to let Apple live at a shelter for pregnant young women run by a spiritual woman named Kathy (Ann Dowd). It is here that Apple begins to tentatively interact with the other girls who are in the same predicament as she and gradually begins to make a family for herself. Source

Vanessa Hudgens At a Unocal 76Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Ravens hold off late Browns rally in Thursday NFL action

News around the NFL circled late Wednesday that the regular officials were back. A deal was reached, the normal officials were back (to a standing ovation of all things) and NFL fans around the country could focus on what they wanted most, football. Last night the Ravens were led by Joe Flacco and fought off a frisky Browns team late to take the victory 23-16. This was supposed to be a blowout (Ravens were favored by 12) and it was supposed to be another Thursday night blowout but that wasn’t the case. Maybe it was the rainy weather, maybe it was the regular officiating but this game started slow and ended with another hail mary. The Ravens held the lead for the most part of the game but they game never felt like it was over, give the Browns credit for that. Joe Flacco had the Ravens offense going, primarily targeting WR Anquan Boldin but Brown’s rookie QB Brandon Weeden looked surprisingly poised out there. It also didn’t hurt the Browns that their rookie RB Trent Richardson had a solid game, power running the stout Ravens defense on various occasions. Like most rookie QBs on the road against an experienced Ravens defense, mistakes almost seem inevitable. It came late in the 3rd quarter as the Browns were driving. Weeden threw an interception that was taken back for a score. In the end the final rally by the Browns faltered and the Ravens went on to take the victory at home.

A lot of attention was being placed on the referee’s first game back and whether or not there would be a difference, specifically improvement. I noticed a change almost immediately, the game just felt like it was more in control when penalties were being called or when there would be players  shoving each other a bit. For the most part fans accepted the regular referees and the work that they did but a standing ovation seems a little much, especially when booing was heard halfway through the first quarter. Either way I think fans are just relieved that football will return to normal for the rest of the season.

Upset pick of the week: Against the spread Panthers AT Falcons (-7) because I like Cam Newton to break out and keep this game close.

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