Ausie Model Sophie Turner Had A Bootyguard @ The Pool Party

Sophie Turner & Her BootyguardPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Normally, she leaves very little to the imagination when it comes to showing off her booty, but ironically, Sophie Turner hit a pool party held at a private mansion in Brentwood a little more covered than her usual outings. The sexy Ausie model was dressed in a see-through skirt that showed glimpses of a leopard print bikini bottom underneath. We’re pretty sure the sugar daddy who threw the party got to look behind the curtains at some point during the party…

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  • don’t know why the aggressive security guard is being a dick, nobody is eve around her, she has a GREAT body, top 5 in the world in my opinion

  • McP

    Perfect body, pretty face, and she’s a slutty whore. I love her.

  • JC123

    Best ass on the planet hands down. Pretty face here too.

  • Jay

    My lawd that it a million dollar ass.

  • CatieHarmful is a Dude

    at least now we know its fake bc of the way it sits up a little too high. no shame just don’t lie abt it, stripperbait.