2012 MTV VMAs: Rihanna on Best Dressed List; Should’ve Closed The Show!

Rihanna @ 2012 MTV VMAsPhoto Credit: WENN

First off, I’m a huge fan of Rhianna’s latest look b/c let’s face it, when she wants to have long hair, she can have it any day w/ a high-quality weave. The 24-year-old island hottie kicked off the big show with a seemingly too-hot-for-TV performance of “Cockiness (Love It)”/“We Found Love” and even took home the award for Video of the Year (“We Found Love”).

With respect to show logistics, I would’ve much rather had Rihanna close the show rather than Taylor Swift, but I’m pretty sure execs had Kanye in the works, but the dude had to cancel last minute b/c his girlfriend Kim Kardashian had prior engagements. What a fucking bitch! Rather than convincing Kanye to go perform for his fans, she probably kept the guy all to herself so she could take him around NYC in celebration of Fashion’s Night Out.

  • Great

    It’s nice to see her with clothes on. Not that she doesn’t have a nice body or anything. But I mean, we’re all so used to seeing her half-naked, I like her better when she’s not trying so hard.

    I think she looks beautiful here, and I’m kind of digging the hair. The white dress with her skintone is lovely. Her and Katy Perry looked amazing.

    • Great

      *She and Katy Perry looked amazing.

  • Leni Loves Feet

    I dont much care for her but I kinda like the nipple ring.

  • she looks amazing