BREAKING! Kim Kardashian Goes Up Curb Carrying Her Latest Furry Accessory!

Kim Kardashian & Her New Persian KittyPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as Kim Kardashian was cruising around Miami with her new fluffy, Persian kitty named Mercy, all the while E! cameras filmed scenes for her long-running, hit reality show. According to the papz on the scene, Kim appeared uncomfortable with the small kitty as she was seen grabbing its neck to stop it from moving around too much. I guess Kim’s not used to furry accessories that move around too much.

Kim, who’s hated PETA for her love affair with fur, was wearing a midriff baring see-through white blouse, black pants and a pair of the Kanye-designed Giuseppe Zanotti heels. As a fur-loving fashionista, I wonder how long it’ll take for Kim to turn Mercy in to another furry item in her accessory closet? Any guesses?

  • skilligan

    she shouldn’t be allowed to have a living thing

  • Julz

    Put the kitten down you monster.

  • Moe

    Hey, at least it isn’t a baby, right?

  • Moe

    Fat assed skank

  • That’s probably as close as she’s going to get showing off her pussy, and have someone say ” How cute….

  • me

    she already killed the cat, as usual with every pet she had like the dogs.. etc, she said the cat had CANCER and died!!! i don’t believe it of course.. stop giving this murderous bitch any animals! they all “mysteriously” die around her 🙁