BREAKING!! Britney Spears Raids Old Navy With Her $15 Million “X Factor” Check

BRITNEY SPEARS SHOPS AT OLD NAVYPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

She could be at at the Wal-Mart or a local Salvation Army, so could be worse. I guess there’s some truth in the old saying, “You can take the trailer trash out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer trash out of the trailer trash.” Oh wait, how does it go again?

Anyway, Britney reportedly bagged $15 million for her drugged-out judging gig on “X Factor,” but chooses to keep it simple by still hitting up Old Navy for her clothing needs. For the sake of her boys, we’re praying that this is an Old Navy-sponsored shameless plug, but since it’s Britney, we can’t be too sure. As most of you bastards know, all celebrities who do these judging gigs end up also earning tons of cash from side marketing jobs (remember how J Lo whored-out her “Idol” gig?).

These were snapped last night as Britney Spears, who just returned to L.A. after attending auditions in North Carolina the previous night, only to be spotted shopping at Old Navy for her boys.