BREAKING!! Britney Spears Raids Old Navy With Her $15 Million “X Factor” Check

BRITNEY SPEARS SHOPS AT OLD NAVYPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

She could be at at the Wal-Mart or a local Salvation Army, so could be worse. I guess there’s some truth in the old saying, “You can take the trailer trash out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer trash out of the trailer trash.” Oh wait, how does it go again?

Anyway, Britney reportedly bagged $15 million for her drugged-out judging gig on “X Factor,” but chooses to keep it simple by still hitting up Old Navy for her clothing needs. For the sake of her boys, we’re praying that this is an Old Navy-sponsored shameless plug, but since it’s Britney, we can’t be too sure. As most of you bastards know, all celebrities who do these judging gigs end up also earning tons of cash from side marketing jobs (remember how J Lo whored-out her “Idol” gig?).

These were snapped last night as Britney Spears, who just returned to L.A. after attending auditions in North Carolina the previous night, only to be spotted shopping at Old Navy for her boys.

  • McP

    She was so hot 10 years ago, she ran that body hard. But I still would, and if I did, I’d have an itchy penis to prove it.

  • She looks so slutty here, but I like it the sluttier the better…

  • skilligan

    she doesn’t look bad here at all

  • JPRichardson

    I would happily munch on those shapely legs. I miss the 2001 Britney, though.

    • JPRichardson

      Britney peaked between 2001 and 2004. She was perfect:

      • Tapper

        I forgot how truly hot she was back then. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

      • McP

        I would have said 1999:
        Britney 1999

        • JPRichardson

          She showed a lot more skin later on.

  • the ugly truth

    What a mess.

  • Julz

    Why is it trashy to shop at bargain stores? I’m by no means poor but I like shopping in cheapo stores like Primark here in UK. What’s the point of paying 75£ for a plain Diesel t-shirt when I can snatch one up in Primark for 6£? I find it trashier when women with 0 good taste (like Brit here) shop exclusive with big brands and look tacky with their oversized Chanel totes and Loubutin heels.

  • Tapper

    I’d wouldn’t hesitate to tear that up in her current condition. She’s still got something going after all these years.

  • Meh. I always disliked her droopy eyes, thick neck, wide ribcage and ugly calves. She’s just not attractive. Also, disgusting feet.

    • Alex

      Ew tf you nasty feet fetish freak.

      Don’t go on her legs she has well shaped legs. Bitches wish they had those legs.

  • cal

    Britney is gorgeous. She is still hot. Britney has also never lived in a trailer.

  • Yuck

  • MoeJackson

    hmmm….that’s rather interesting. I have always been a big fan of Britney’s and she seems to be cleaning up her act and personal life recently. She’s been through a lot and she got into the music and entertainment industry at such a young age. I was really shocked to hear how much she hates Demi Lovato! I wonder how the X Factor is going to get by this season.

  • Mr. Yuckers

    Fat ass bitch. Bleed ho…bleeeed.