Petra Nemcova & Raffaella Fico @ Pin-Up Stars at Milan Fashion Week

Petra Nemcova, Raffaella FicoPhoto Credit: WENN, FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Petra Nemcova, Raffaella Fico

Petra Nemcova and a very pregnant Raffaella Fico took to the runway as they catwalked their way for Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 at the Pin-Up Stars fashion show. Assuming the Rafaella got booked for the gigs months in advance we’re assuming that canning her for the show for being pregnant would’ve been some bad press for Pin Up Stars. However we’re sure that there’s some of you dudes our there dig the whole pregnant chick thing, right? Nonetheless, for us Petra Nemcova stole the spotlight on the runway looking skinny sexy hot taking time away from countless hours of humanitarian sex with Sean Penn to remind us of her supermodel hotness.

  • Nookies

    Yup pregant chicks are disgusting. My GF/Fiance/Wife would go without dick the second she started gaining weight until she popped it out and got into shape.

    • Drew

      You could possibly miss out on the best sex of your life if you chose to forgo having sex with your pregnant GF/fiancé/wife. A woman’s hormones go crazy during pregnancy which could equal amazing sex or she could want nothing to do with you for 9 months.

      • Nookies

        So basically pregnancy would allow her to be a huge cunt for no reason. Those are probably propaganda and myths put out by feminazis. Women will use their time of the month,etc to be a huge epic cunt and be able to get away with it. Even a hot chick can get away with being a bitch for no reason at all, and men would put up with it and the woman herself will know the male won’t retaliate. REGAIN YOUR MANHOOD BROSKI

    • germany

      I hope you grow up before you get your GF pregnant 😉

      • Nookies

        I’m fully aware that its a part of life and most women will experience. I’m also aware that a man could have a completely different opinion while the bun in her oven was his. But as a third part who sees a girl thinking shes sexy walking a runway pregnant as shit is just disgusting. Theres nothing appealing about her at this stage except her face. So no, I don’t need to grow up. You need to learn to accept other peoples opinions you do not agree with faggot. If you find swollen tits, pointed swollen nipples, stretch marks, a huge belly and a saggy ass attractive thats fine.

        Women/feminists have really done a number brainwashing and castrating the ever living shit out of males.

        • Moe

          “You need to learn to accept other peoples opinions you do not agree with faggot.”

          That’s a quotable.

          • Nookies


      • Nookies

        Also, you wouldn’t happen to of been a pregnant woman in the past and I hit that little insecurity bone eh eh eh? Women do it to men all the time and have been doing it for decades and decades. Payback time.

      • Nookies

        Also sweetie, if you think my opinion isn’t shared by a very high percentage of guys you’re very naive. We just don’t say anything. Ever. The men that do speak out pro-preggo chick are generally so fucking whipped you can come to that conclusion in their post. Being pregnant is fine. But when you put on a bikini and try to be sexy..NO…NO!!!!!!!!!! because its not. You can kid yourself all you like about how “being pregnant is sexy” but nope..NOPE.

    • Nookies

      Yeah now the thumb downs make sense. On the previous old school Moejackson (the better version) I didn’t see who liked the page. So it makes sense to me, most people on this site were chubby chasers but now after seeing the people who Like the MJ website..a bunch of middle aged men. So of course their standards will be at an all time low. FUCKING SOMEONE CALL DA FIRE DEPARTMENT CAUSE IM ON FIYA.

  • Drew

    I’d go with the pregnant woman. She’s much sexier and has a great ass.

  • skilligan

    i may have to go with the pregnant woman as well, shocked

  • err

    Pregnant woman has more waist than non-pregnant Petra.

  • McP

    I love hot prego chicks.

  • germany

    Petras ass is horrible

  • Tr

    plzzzz the skinny one looks like she’s gonna drop dead every second! The pregnant one looks soooo healthy and beautiful!!