Aged Butta: Gloria Estefan’s Niece Lili Looks More Like Her Cross-Dressing Uncle.

Lili EstefanPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Apologies to Lili Estefan in advance. I woke up this morning in a horrible mood & the first batch of photos I saw were these, so we had to bust out the brown bag. If it means anything, Lili Estefan looks really hot in 150×150 thumbnails, but don’t we all? And for the record, she’s the niece of music producer Emilio Estefan and the niece-in-law of 55-year-old Gloria Estefan.

The 45-year-old Cuban/American TV personality was spotted in NYC yesterday afternoon & currently the host of El Gordo y la Flaca on Univision.

  • skilligan

    one of the worse faces in the world

  • Man I didn’t know that, I’ve seen the program a couple of times…but didn’t know she was related to Gloria Estefan..oh well she was skinnier..and I hate the guy that hosts that show.( El Gordo) big fat ass dude thinks he’s god gift to women..

    • Moe

      well, the bastard probably gets more phunanny than all of us put together.

      son of a bitch

  • germany

    Compared to her this nadeea chick is a real beauty.

  • McP

    Oh my, you warned us, but I was still not prepared.