Liam Neeson Wants $20 Million for “Taken 3” – No Takers Yet.

“Will there be a Taken 3? If so, producers of the smash-hit action franchise will need to pony up for star Liam Neeson in the wake of the surprise $49.5 million domestic bow by Taken 2.”[THR]

Taken 2 may have been one of the worst reviewed movies of the year, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking the box office by storm. With an almost $50 take in its opening weekend, Taken 2 has prompted many studio execs to think a third movie should be made. This is easier said than done, of course, since it would mean penciling in Liam Neeson for a hefty starring price of close to $20 million. His paycheck for the first Taken was just $1 million; he managed to get $10 million for the sequel; and now the word if out that he won’t sign for less than $20 million for the third installment.

Tell us what you think: is he worth the investment? Or is this just a classic case of Hollywood throwing bad money after aging action stars?

  • From 1 mil to 20 is quite a difference, but hell if he can get that much why not…he will know if he misses out or not, anyways, I think Neeson is a good actor, and deserves…

    • Mack Power

      I agree with you.
      Though I haven’t seen Taken 2 but what kinda plot could you have for a Taken 3. I mean who left to be taken? I remember seeing an interview with Maggie Grace where she joke that in Taken 3 the family dog would be taken. That all I’m saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moe

    think of how many great films could get made for $20 mil!!!

    fuck, the films can even star Liam Neeson for all I care, but we don’t need bullshit clogging up the theaters

  • Elizabeth

    I have a lot of respect for Neeson as an actor and I love his transformation from a “serious actor” to an action hero. Who knew he had it in his classically trained self to kick ass like that! I think he should take the money and run, if necessary.

  • give the guy the $

  • McP

    Given that the ending of Man on Fire doesn’t allow a sequel, we have to settle for this.

    Death Sentence 2 is possible, the ending can be creatively interpreted.

    I love these types of movies. I even enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen, though it was way over the top.

  • McP

    Well the first one sucked, too, but was fun. I don’t think it’s all about the money, he says he never expected to become an action star, so he’s just riding the wave for fun.