It’s No Wonder Chris Brown Wants To Get Back With Rihanna

God daaayumm!!

God dayyyumm!

There’s no question that Rihanna plays the whole sultry pop star image to perfection & Chris Brown probably punches himself in the face each time he sees one of her over-the-top-sexy music videos or candid photos of Rihanna workin’ her bod while cruising around various cities around the globe. The woman has completely sold us on the fact that she’s built for one thing & one thing only, so major props Rihanna for playing along & especially to Master Jay-Z and the kinky P.R. team he installed around Rihanna to help create & nurture such a sexy image.

These latest photos were snapped over the weekend as Rihanna left a tattoo parlor in Hollywood. Wonder where she got her latest tattoo. For those of you who’re not keeping up, Rihanna’s previous tat was that of a Egyptian goddess under her boob. She wanted to pay tribute to her late grandma.

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  • xoo

    That’s the best celebrity body

  • skilligan

    her body is outstanding, she’s so sexy

  • McP

    She’s a bitch, but you know she’s a maniac in bed.

  • supersecret0

    His ex Karrueche looks better than Rihanna imo but Rihanna may have hear beat in the body department.

    • supersecret0


  • Mac

    Why’s she a bitch? She has a bitchy expression, it’s all

    • Moe

      that’s part of the “I’m-Gonna-Fuck-You-So-Hard” persona she has goin’… it’s not a bad thing if you’re locked behind closed doors with her.

  • Who cares!! Chris Brown can have his punching bag far as I’m concerned…

  • lenilovesfeet

    I still don’t like her legs, nice thighs, it’s just from knees down her legs are bad. And I hate her feet.