Kanye Goes Up Miami Curb; Kim Kardashian Forgets To Wear Undies To Dinner!

God damn!

How’s that for a completely random title?

Once again, it was date night for Kim Kardashian & Kanye West in Miami as the couple were spotted hitting up a very early dinner before heading back to Kim’s hotel for more Tantric sex. The big question on everyone’s mind is how many times can Kanye hit it before getting bored? Any guesses? For a guy who can presumably get with any chick on the planet, he certainly takes shit slowly with each chick.

Whatever the case, after a closer inspection of the photos, it appears Kim screwed her underwear & just went bare booty in a bootilicious skirt that left very little to the imagination. She spent about five minutes checking out her ass reflection & making sure the papz were able to snap decent photos of her ass from all angles.

In other news, there was a small piece about Kim in a recent article in UK newspaper The Guardian (since when did they start covering Kim?!) discussing her annoyance with people constantly questioning her exactly what is she does. In answering her haters, Kim goes straight for the kill, “What are you talking about? I have a hit TV show. We’ve shot more episodes than “I love Lucy!” We’ve been on the air longer than “The Andy Griffiths Show!” These are iconic shows, so it blows my mind when people say that.” Even though Kim has her own fragrance, clothing line, a partnership in family clothing store Dash, she proudly proclaims that her success is something a little more elusive. She goes on to say, “To be able to open up your life like that and to be so…if everyone could do it, everyone would. I mean, acting and singing aren’t the only ways to be talented.” (Let’s not forget that Kim can give great blowjobs & take it up the ass real well on camera.) “It’s a skill to get people to really like you, instead of a character who’s been written for you by somebody else.” Kim ended with a very curious analogy to make sense of it all, “What is my talent? A bear can juggle and stand on a ball and he’s talented, but he’s not famous. Do you know what I mean.”

Umm, what the fuck? So, basically she’s still in denial about the sex tape? She should embrace that shit b/c let’s face it, it did wonders for her. Plus, if you tell most Hollywood celebrities, that they can earn $20 million a year, but they have to first release a really raunchy sex tape, I’m pretty sure 9/10 would be down!
Kanye's Kicks. Anybody able to I.D.?Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News