Extra-Extra Meat Lovers: “This is 40” Star Melissa McCarthy Hits Bed, Bath & Beyond in L.A.

"Bridesmaids" star Melissa McCarthy goes out for some low key shopping in Los Angeles at Bed, Bath and Beyond where the comedian looked dressed down and casual as she handled her errands.

Where else can you see photos of fat celebrities & supermodels going down curbs? Our goal has always been to cater to a very niche & kinky market of readers, even if that means all six of you bastards (includes Jackson, Devon & Abba).

Anyway, the absolutely hilarious Melissa McCarthy attempted to keep a very low profile (very difficult for obvious reasons) as she hit a Bed, Bath & Beyond store in Los Angeles. I know this is completely the wrong crowd for this, but we’re really diggin’ the crop of heavier comedic actresses in Hollywood including Rebel Wilson & Gabourey Sidibe.

Melissa McCarthy’s next comedy to slam into theaters is the once-again Judd Apatow-produced/written/directed “This Is 40,” starring Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel, Megan Fox, Chris O’Dowd, John Lithgow & even Judd Apatow’s little daughter Maude. The film’s tagline is “The sort-of sequel to ‘Knocked-Up’, so it’ll definitely be a hilarious number among an ocean of serious Oscar contender when it releases on December 21. According to the film’s IMDb page, the plot is simply, “A look at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after the events of Knocked Up.”