Georgia Salpa Opens “Salpa Salon” at St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

Georgia Salpa & Lynx join forces to open 'Salpa Salon'

Georgia Salpa and Lynx opened “Salpa Salon” at St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre in Dublin. That’s about all we want to say about that because a round of applause must be given up for Georgia and her tight bod put on display. If Georgia wearing outfits similar to this or less on a daily basis at the Salpa Salon are part of the business plan then I’m guessing she’ll do just fine. Yes, we’re sure they’ll be some bitching and moaning about no booty shots, we know.

  • meh…I’ve seen better,,,still she’d be good for one timer or two….

  • this girl has something for everybody, pretty, boobs, skinny, no matter what a straight man likes she has something for them

    • McP

      Where are her hips and ass?

  • Not pretty and fake hair. I like her figure.

  • Bukakke Her

    She has a HUGE head.