Candice Swanepoel & Alessandra Ambrosio @ Marion Testino’s “In Your Face” Launch

Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio at Mario Testino 'In Your Face' event

A couple nights back the beautiful Candice Swanepoel and MILFilicous Alessandra Ambrosio were two of the sexy attendees that hit up Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for the launch event for photographer Mario Testino’s “In Your Face” exhibit. Other hotties in attendance were Gisele Bundchen (who we didn’t snag photos of) and Joan Smalls (who makes a cameo apperance in the Gallery. In our lazy efforts we copy and paste the following description: “In Your Face” offers a provocative inside look at some of today’s most elusive and exclusive subjects through the lens of renowned fashion and portrait photographer and Vogue and Vanity Fair contributor Mario Testino. For more info, visit the Museum of Fine Arts website but not until after you check out all the beautiful photos in the Gallery.

  • Alessandra destroys her here, not even close

    • backwoodsman

      Agreed, and I usually lean Team Candice between the two.

      Heck – I usually lean Team Candice whenever, so big props to Ale here.

      (that said, the shot of Candice from behind is pretty darn cute/sexy/hot!)

      • Whiskey throttle

        Thank you for your honesty. I can’t believe anyone that would say Candice outshines Ale here.

  • Candice is 9,000 times better than Ale

  • candice i love u !!! ur so little & cute xx

  • bryanzee

    I like Ambrosio but there will never be an instance where she will beat Candice in any category.

  • Ale is copying Angie Jolie with that ridiculous leg pose.

    • err

      Everybody’s been copying the Angie leg pose.

  • Nookies

    Candice is flat as shit. Those VS bras work miracles. No wonder they are almost 50 bucks.

  • McP

    Ale looks good here, but still, better than Candice? I deduct points for the unnatural pose to show off the leg. It looked retarded when Angelina Jolie did it, it still looks retarded, and it will always look retarded.

    • Whiskey throttle

      Yes, Ale does look much better than Candice. It’s not even a competition. Ale is wearing a dress with a high slit to show off her legs and you’re deducting points, because she is exposing her leg? What kind of a perv are you?

      • McP

        I deducted points because she’s contorting herself to expose her leg. If you want to show your leg, please just get a dress that does so when you are standing normally.

        I admit this is the best Ale has looked since she was a teenager.

        • Whiskey throttle

          I hope you also deduct points when Candice arches her back and contorts her body so it appears more curvy than it actually is. Ale is just giving us the standard pose that women often do when wearing a dress like that.

          I hated on Ale when she was younger, but now I believe she’s the prettiest and, more importantly, the sexiest VS model. I’m not sure if my tastes changed or if motherhood did wonders for her.

          • McP

            [Ale is just giving us the standard pose that women often do when wearing a dress like that.]

            Doesn’t matter how many women do it, it’s still retarded. If Ale did it (or arched her back) for a fashion shoot to be published in a clothes magazine, I’d be OK with it. But these are from an appearance — retarded.

  • leticiaambrosini

    Ale is looking much hotter than Candice here …

  • xoo

    ale is a bit overrated. she’s good looking but her face is not nearly as pretty and cute as candice’s.

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    I think the dress makes a difference here. Candice’s outfit doesn’t seem to be working for her.

    • lenilovesfeet

      I agree. What Candice is wearing is hideous, shapeless, very unflattering. Hair makes a difference, too. Candice always looks sexier with hair down. Probably worst pictures I’ve seen of her.
      Alessandra looks confident and sexy, she’s been looking incredible lately.

  • It’s the truth

    Never really found either of them attractive, but Ale has been looking good lately. She wins here, easily.

  • charles

    this is why I choose Adriana over both of them lol. She looks just as nice hair up, hair down. ugly dress, pretty dress. even sweaty she still manages to look attractive

  • jenny

    This is why I consider Candice pretty and never beautiful. She looks great half naked but with clothes on she just plain pretty.

  • Xenia

    I really love Candice, but she’s so innocent, girly. She looks like a doll, but there is no sex for her. She’s just nice and cute. Ale is a pure beauty. The sexiest, hot, pretty, confident Woman with the perfect feminine body.

  • EricMartin1

    Allesandas  a Jew.