Joanna Krupa & Romain Zago Dinner Date at BOA Steakhouse

Romain Zago, Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa and her side kick, Romain Zago, were spotted leaving BOA Steakhouse last night in Beverly Hills. Two things we’d like to say about these photos since there’s really not much news to report since Joanna has yet to confirm her bikini car wash schedule: 1) Big thanks to Joanna for her excellent wardrobe selection which has allowed us to have this post to get us through the day and 2) Romain Zago, man, you ain’t a side kick! NOBODY PUTS ROMAIN IN THE CORNER!! And with that, check out the Gallery for what the hell we’re talking about.

Nobody cares about me Moe, the side kick…lolol RT @moejacksoncom: @joannakrupa @Hollyscoop “Beauty For Hope” … [Romain’s Twitter]

  • i bet she didn’t even know that shirt was see-thru, she is so humble

  • backwoodsman

    Now that’s a quality outfit…

    (in that I almost didn’t remember the qualm I have with Joanna’s face – she’s hot, no doubt, but there’s something slightly off above her shoulders. Plus, I saw her once with T.O. on some sport/celebrity thing and she definitely seemed quite the biach. These pics go far to redeem her though 😉 )

  • grgecdnbastard

    These pics violate photobucket’s rules of service.