NYC: Kristin Cavallari Hosts “Halloween Bing it On” Costume Challenge

Kristin Cavallari hosts 'Halloween Bing it On' costume challenge

Kristin Cavallari took a gig to host a “Halloween Bing it On” costume challenge at Spirit Halloween in New York City. Looking at this from a both sides it shows that Kristin is scaping the bottom of the barrel for paid jobs because the phone must not be ringing enough and our guess is that she got paid a nice lump sum to show up, show off that killer post-pregnancy body, and wear ridiculous headgear as part of the event; showing those sexy legs must’ve gotten her a bonus too. However, on the other hand, atleast she’s working and trying to contribute a little even with Jay Cutler making his millions while getting knocked around on the field. Kristin could just make the excuse that she’s under a lot of stress to get her body back while taking care of baby Camden and we’re sure Jay would be fine with that while getting sacked for the fourth time in a game but rather Kristin is out there earning a paycheck and trying to stay relevant. Well, we’ll give her that she’s earning a paycheck, the relevancy stuff, maybe not.