BREAKING!! Kristen Stewart Rocks A Big Smile & Her Old Chucks @ Tokyo Airport

To everyone’s surprise Kristen Stewart actually smiled for the cameras as she landed in Narita International Airport in Tokyo. Looks like she’s actually listening to agent & P.R. people & playing by the rules. Normally she has the face of a person whose dog & parents just died in a freak car accident & she had to quickly put on her ex-boyfriend’s clothes as she rushed out the door to go identify their bodies at the morgue!

The “Twilight” promo tour has finally kicked off. Robert Patinnson took care of Sydney while Kristen handled her freakishly horny fan base in Tokyo. I have a feeling these two will rendezvous at a screening in either London or NYC, but we’ll see what’s up. I feel like the marketing peeps are doing a great job in using the fake tension between the two actors to generate even more buzz for the film (assuming that’s even possible).

Here’s a closer look at Kristen’s busted Chucks:
Kristen's Busted Kicks