Mariah Carey Catwalks Around Tribeca w/ her Daughter Monroe!

Mariah Carey carries her baby daughter Monroe while out and about in Tribeca, NYC. Baby Monroe, looking adorable in a pair of pink glasses and carrying a stuffed bunny, has a twin brother names Moroccan and the pair are reportedly nicknamed "Roc and Roe" by Carey.

Aaaw, I don’t know about you bastards, but I have a soft spot for babies wearing prescription glasses!

Queen Mariah Carey was spotted with her baby daughter Monroe while out & about NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood yesterday afternoon. I guess this was a girls-only outing, so Monroe’s twin bro Moroccan stayed at home w/ his dad Nick Cannon & their army of nannies. To further add to their cuteness, it was recently revealed that the pair are reported nicknamed Roc & Roe by mom & dad (probably just mom).

  • Talis

    Wow, Mariah’s walking without someone holding both her wrists, I’m impressed! Mariah wants her little one to learn she has to walk on her own for a little while, then when she’s older and rich she can pay someone to help her walk. Walking without help is for mere mortals and mouth breathers.