Rehashing the 7th week of this NFL season

I decided to take a different approach as to what I write on here. Normally i’d just recap whatever happened over the weekend, giving a few opinions here and there but that seemed to bland. That sort of thing can be found anywhere online and even though there are hundreds of thousand of sports blogs, i’d like to be as original as possible. I’m just going to go through a few main questions, trying to post about the same topics but with a slightly different view.

Performances of the week: Take into account what Chris Johnson has done prior to week 7. For him to go from THAT to this week’s performance (195 yds, 2 TDs) gives him the crown for this week. Dare we say, is CJ2K back to normal form? Let’s not too excited because he was facing the Bills who are in a close battle with the Saints for the worst defense in the league. Speaking of the Saints, they traded shots during a shootout with the Buccaneers. As a result, their QBs Freeman (420 yds, 3 TDs) and Brees (377 tds, 4 TDs) both had a great games. Yes, I know Bucs receiver Vincent Jackson, who is on my fantasy team, had an insane game (216 yds, 1 TD) but he was run down by a guy who was about 50 yards away on a 95 yard run. Let’s get a little most hustle next time Jackson. Last player I have to mention is RG3 because he’s so incredible to watch. This past Sunday Griffin almost out-Eli’d Eli Manning on the road! As a Cowboys fan it makes me very nervous looking forward to the games against the Redskins.

Who are the top 5 teams in the league? For obvious reasons the Falcons lead the way (until they get beat, they’re going to be on top) the Bears are a close second (that defense makes teams work for every single yard that they gain) with a similar team, the Texans (destroying the Ravens was a statement to prove they’re a the best in the AFC) and even though both teams are 5-2, i’m putting the Giants slightly ahead of the 49ers because of their head-to-head match up they just completed a couple of weeks ago. The Ravens (5-2) still lead their division but they look absolutely lost after the injuries they faced on their defense. I still need to see more from the Vikings (5-2) before I put them among the elite and they can do that on Thursday when they face the Buccaneers. 

The NFL is visiting Europe this Sunday: This weekend the New England Patriots will square off against the St. Louis Rams inside the historic Wembley Stadium located in London, England. Am I the only one what sees the irony in sending the Patriots to play in England? Anyways, it should be an interesting game because the Patriots are coming off a performance where they almost blew a double-digit lead at home to a divisional rival. The Rams are a frisky team that always keeps games close as seen last week against a Packers team that seems to be on fire now.