Kelly Brook at “Skyfall” Premiere, This Time With Extra Booty!!

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook helped beautify the Skyfall Royal Premiere but it was on her way home where she made the night truly bootiful. In addition to showing off her bountiful curves in the front she made walking up a few stairs into an event for the paparazzi. Given that we had to give Kelly’s booty some post love too.

And as an added bonus, we found these booty shots of Kelly off her Instagram account, doing a fitting for her upcoming week-long run for Crazy Horses’s “Forever Crazy”, starting on November 1st through the 8th, in London. Now that you’ve got a tease, who’s gonna go out and get your tickets now at!

Kelly BrookPhoto Credit: Kelly Brook’s Instagram

  • Humm. don’t know if it’s the photos, the dress, or it’s really her, but she looks kinda flat on the ass part..wide tho, kinda looks like JLo’s ass here…but hey beggers can’t be choosy, I’ll do her anytime..anywhere…

    • Nookies

      I think its funny, how you said the same exact thing as Leni, but she got all thumbs up. Proving just how desperate and middle aged all the guys here are.

      • bryanzee

        This is common knowledge though.

        I used to thumbs up Ari for no reason what-so-ever lol

        • Nookies

          You whipped little fucker you. Haven’t you learned anything from me?!!? Women are inferior to us,

          • bryanzee

            Say’s the guy who sent out a pic of his dick to fat ass Roxy lol

          • Nookies

            In my defense I thought she would of hopped on a plane to FL to gobble down my twinkie.

          • bryanzee

            Thats like a million comment rocks

  • She does have a wide, flat ass and gained a bit weight, but I still love her. Her best feature are her legs, very sexy.

    • spanglylovesheels

      yup. I totally agree with your comments Leni!

  • pretty, great legs, great titties, ass above average, stop the slander

  • Nookies

    She needs to drop 10 or so pounds.

  • bryanzee

    Go away you fat bitch

  • Moe

    I thought her makeup looked kinda clowny on the red carpet for some reason…

    • Nookies

      tellin ya bro, dark red lipstick on girls with a moderately sized mouth/lips will look clownish on girls that have pale skin. Milky white skin + red lipstick = clown.