Stacy Keibler Partners w/ Valspar Paint; Can’t George Hook Her Up w/ a Decent Gig?

Stacy Keibler Partners with Valspar Paint to Announce the Extension of the Valspar Love Your Color Guarantee(TM) and the Guaranteed $21 Million Donation The Valspar Foundation Has Committed to Habitat for Humanity

There has to be a token hottie role in at least one of the films he’s doing, right? Or maybe this is the way George Clooney keeps his women coming back for more b/c he doesn’t give them easy access to his vast network of Hollywood & non-Hollywood bigwigs?

Whatever the case, Stacy Keibler got dressed up all sexy to hit an event thrown by Valspar Paint to help them announce the extension of the paint company’s Love Your Color Guarantee, as well as discuss the $21 million that the Valspar Foundation has committed to Habitat for Humanity.