For All You Ladies: Jon Hamm Avoid Wardobe Malfunction In His Itty-Bitty Swim Shorts; Also: Jessica Pare Bikini Pics!

Actors Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare film scenes for the TV show 'Madmen' on the beach in Maui, Hawaii

As you guys know, 98% of the time we cater to our inner horny bastard (who happens to be indefinitely stuck in the 5th or 6th grade), so we figured these Jon Hamm pics on the set of “Mad Men” in Maui, Hawaii alongside his bikini-clad co-star Jessica Pare would satisfy at least a handful of you frustrated, over-worked ladies out there who secretly crawl around these pages (yes, all three of you!).

These were snapped yesterday as the pair filmed an upcoming episode of the long-running hit series.

  • Yeah kinda in the meaty side..I bet this one is a beast in bed..don’t ask me why I think that, but just get that feeling….

    • Moe

      I know exactly what you mean, man…

    • Meaty….lol she is typical white girl big chest flat butt.

  • Da phuck?

    How is this meaty? This is just normal skinny (I.e. the body most decently fit cardio bunnies at the gym who don’t starve themselves get). Jennifer Nicole Lee is meaty, but how the phuck is this meaty? Guarantee she never squats and this is incapable of having meaty thighs/ass

    • Da phuck?

      Thus not this*

      • well I’m not saying she’s fat, and I don’t know if her bikini is too tight, but you can see those love handles sticking out a bit….between her wast and thighs…

        • McP

          Good god, get off the computer and meet some real women. Meaty, right.

  • backwoodsman

    Finally something I can honestly aspire too – thanks for carrying the torch John! 😉

    (And even with the extra padding, Jessica still looks pretty hot. Cute girl.)

  • i like this broad

  • lenilovesfeet

    She’s not meaty, more skinny fat. Her body is slim yet soft, like women’s who go to gym and only do cardio without lifting weights. She’s allright.

  • LaLa

    I agree that she is skinny/fat, but she pulls it off well.