Name The 10 Guys Who’ll Bang Taylor Swift In 2013?

Taylor Swift Broke UPPhoto Credit: INF Photo; See more from this set!

Before we dive into the guessing game, let’s first review all the dudes Taylor Swift has either banged or allegedly banged* at one point or another since she kicked off her career at the innocent age of 14. For the record, The list was compiled using various online sources, so we’re not pulling it out our ass…

Patrick Schwarzenegger *
Justin Gaston *
Tim Tebow *
Joe Jonas
Lucas Till
Taylor Lautner
John Mayer
Cory Monteith *
Toby Hemingway
Jake Gyllenhaal
Chord Overstreet *
Garrett Hedlund
Will Anderson
Eddie Redmayne
Harry Styles
Kyle McKinley
Riley Howell
Adam Young
Conor Kennedy

Ok, that took about 10 minutes longer than I thought it would take, so we’ll end this post right here & let you guys guess the names of the 10-15 guys who’ll have the pleasure of ripping one of Taylor’s little-girl dresses off her body & stealing her virginity for the 200th time!

* denotes allegedly banged, which means that there’s a 2% chance that Taylor didn’t bang this guy.

  • McP

    Moe, do you have a lawyer? πŸ™‚ Just say it’s all in jest.

    • Moe

      Isn’t that an obvious assumption?!

      • McP

        There ya go, good job. πŸ˜‰

        • Moe

          You scared me, so I removed the list of possible unknowns whom taylor has banged at one point or another…

          For a girl who sleeps w/ so many famous dudes, it’s natural to assume she also bangs a long list of guys who aren’t famous.


          • McP

            Well isn’t the whole list just a list of suspects? I don’t think she’s admitted to any of them, nor has she been filmed, right? Those without asterisks are stated as fact. Any way, as a public figure, would be hard for her to sue any way. Just don’t say Tom Cruise is gay, you know he’d sue your ass.

            I would have said, here’s a list of guys she’s banged, put an asterisk on banged, and then picked *reportedly or *allegedly.

          • McP

            Things obviously in jest are OK, like pointing out that Paris Hilton has AIDS.

          • McP

            And also, Moe, you don’t have to worry about getting sued, because you don’t have any money.

          • Moe is a sellout

            Don’t worry, moe. Nobody reads your blog anymore anyway.

  • I will go with #1 John Mayer, #2 Justin Beiber, #3 Kanye West (he helped make her career, she owes him one), #4 Jake Gyllenhaal, #5 – #9 One Direction (all of them), #10 Tagg Romney (Mitt’s son who wanted to throw a punch)

  • Billy D

    How about a list of women she will hook up with? I’d start the list off with Kirsten Stewart.