L.A.: Victoria Justice Killin’ It On “Fun Size” Red Carpet Premiere

FUN SIZE Premiere held at The Paramount Studios in Los Angeles

Before we say anything, we gotta send a big “Thank You” to Mrs. Justice (Victoria’s mom) for not playing the over-bearing parent role and over-dressing Victoria (i.e. covering every inch of her daughter’s body with thick clothing). While we’re dishing out praises, we might as well give props to the Paramount-hired stylists who put together this look. They kept it simple and when you’re Victoria Justice, simple is perfect.

Following her media blitz in NYC, Victoria returned to Los Angeles & hit the red carpet premiere for her new film “Fun Size” held at Paramount Studios. As we stated before, the Nickelodeon-produced, PG-13-rated film stars Jane Levy, Thomas McDonell, and Chelsea Handler. This is a teen comedy, but we have a feeling a lot of older dudes will be creeping into late-night showings. For those of you looking hit this up, be very careful if you’re sitting next to or directly in front of creepy looking dudes who’re sitting alone.

Here’s some plot action:

In Cleveland, Ohio[3], Wren (Victoria Justice) is invited to a Halloween party by her crush, Aaron Riley (Thomas McDonell), but she is also ordered by her mother (Chelsea Handler) to take her oddball little brother Albert with her when she goes out trick-or-treating on Halloween. When she loses him in a haunted house, she must find him before her mother finds out. So she ends up borrowing a car from some boys and they team up to find Wren’s brother. They end up going through a lot of trouble to find him and go through some crazy shenanigans. Source

Interview w/ Victoria:


  • LaLa

    Looks stunning in yellow.

  • Billy D

    I’d like a trial size of that.

    • Mack Power

      So would I!!!!

  • err


    Just me nitpicking — hope she has more calf definition.

    • lol at people hating on you for telling truth, Victoria is a gorgeous girl with no calves, slim legs does not equal good legs. But yeah, who cares with a face like that. She look stunning.

  • Bob

    “They end up going through a lot of trouble to find him and go through some crazy shenanigans”

    That sounds like the worst synopsis ever heh

  • this is a big positive step for her wardrobe

    • Mack Power

      Yes is
      May next we won’t get a wardrobe unless you call BRA & PANTIES a wardrobe cuz I don’t think we will be see her naked anytime soon!!!!

  • Elite

  • She’s sexy as hell I just wish she was a little more curvier.

    • Mack Power

      I agree with you
      Though if actual got to Victoria I don’t I would care or even notice how curvy she is!!!!

      • Mack Power

        I mean if I actually meet Victoria I don’t I would care or notice how curvy see could be!!!!

  • jimbolovesmiley

    Very cute, looks like shes got some very tasty feet aswell

  • grgecdnbastard

    I like her shoes and my name is not KT.

  • spanglylovesheels

    This time as the sign says behind her….she “crushed” it. She is beautiful and yellow looks great on her. Taylor swift would disappear in yellow. I think Victoria will blossom before our eyes. She has lots of time left on the clock. She might be the girl that looks her best at 31, like Leni, not her worst like Christina Aguilera and Brit Brit.

  • Iwoule

    It’s her butt and the gap between her legs that makes her a great actress. Hopefully someone will setup a toiletcam so we can see her browneye. I hope she doesn’t like coloreds…you can’t wash that stain away.

  • Iwould Doher

    And another thing, her show on Nick sux. Who could be friends with a dweeb who carries a puppet around. If he went to my school it would be buried in his anus, and If she went to my school I would be buried in her anus.