Beverly Hills: Sophie Turner Was A Belly Dancer For Halloween! OWW!

Sexy Aussie model Sophie Turner rocks the Casbah as she parades as a belly dancer during Halloween on a Beverly Hills rooftop.

The sexy Australian model was seen workin’ her trademark booty while partying on a Beverly Hills rooftop. She was dressed as a bootilicious belly dancer (assuming there’s such a thing), but as we’ve learned over the years, when it comes to Sophie, everything is bootilicious!

  • JC123

    Pretty girl. Absolutely perfect body.

  • lenilovesfeet

    I figured why I’m not crazy about her face, it’s the forehead. Her body is hot as hell, I also like her blonde hair. I’m guessing it’s her natural color, never seen her with dark roots.

  • LaLa

    Cat-eyed, cartoon lookin’ woman.

  • xoo

    i don’t like her face. her eyes,cheeks,nose,lips.. looks more like a sex-doll than a human being.

  • her body is perfect, she is not ugly enough for me to forget that body, she isn’t ugly at all