Halloween: Rihanna Hosted A Party @ Greystone Manor in WeHo

Rihanna Hits Halloween Party @ Greystones Manor in West Hollywood

So, that’s her costume? We’ve seen her wear freakier clothes when she’s walking in & out of luxury hotels! We’re very disappointed, to say the least.

Rihanna donned a diamond encrusted crown (probably real diamonds knowing how she spends money) as she hit the red carpet for her Halloween party held at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood. We should also note that her on/off sex-buddy Chris Brown was also in attendance, dressed as a heavily armed member of the Taliban, of all things. I’m sure this will make his Muslim fan base real happy…
TALI-BROWN! Singer Chris Brown is seen dressed as a member of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists the Taliban as he gets cosy with a leggy brunette while at a Halloween party hosted by Rihanna at Greystone night club in Hollywood

Here’s another shot of Chris Brown & his friends dressed as terrorists on Halloween (posted on his Instagram):

  • Chris Brown will never fix his image

    • Moe

      I think fucking up all the time is his image, so this was kinda expected.

  • xoo

    rihanna looks beautiful

  • Moe

    the machine gun was definitely a nice touch…

  • Guest

    He might as well die like a terrorist.

  • Moe

    I heard this morning that he’s on some sort of terrorist hit list…

    any truth to this rumor?