Irina Shayk Presents Xti Footwear’s Sneaker Shoes in Madrid

Irina Shayk Promotes Sneakers Shoes

Irina Shayk was in Madrid to present sneaker shoes for XTI Footwear. Given that she was in Madrid she likely spent some time with boyfriend Crisitano Ronaldo and by “some time” we mean endless rounds of wild tantric sex. What else would we be referring to? If ever Irina could possibly disappoint us it would be here with her wardrobe selection. Not showing off those sexy legs of hers? Like, nothing, absolutely nothing? Our guess is Ronaldo had a say. Anyway, we already know that Irina is the sexiest shoe saleswoman given her Xti campaigns. So after clicking through these check back to Irina for shots more typical to our expectations.

Irina ShaykWorld’s Sexiest Shoe Saleswoman? Irina Shayk Pimps Xti Footwear