Las Vegas: Jenny McCarthy at Gallery Nightclub in Planet Hollywood Resort

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy impressed as she arrived at Gallery Nightclub in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to celebrate Halloween and her 40th birthday. In case you were wondering, teh 40 year old MILFilicious cougar is on the market having broken up with Chicago Bears Bran Urlacher a few months back. Surprisingly between all the photos we’ve seen from this event there were no boobs popping out of that outfit. Really, that’s probably what most of you would expect given Jenny’s assets. Well, you can always Google for shots of her Playboy spreads from this year and from all the way back in 1993 (and that hairy crotch).

  • Nookies

    lmao this skank is so pathetic and desperate. She’s a 40 year old single mother of an autistic boy acting like shes 21..Sad

    • Nookies

      The middle aged brigade strikes again, this site is fucking atrocious now :S

  • jimbolovesmiley

    Nothing wrong with that, shes still on my MILF list, the chest is looking awesome!

  • I am ok with this 40 year old slutting it up for us, it’s not like she has other skills

  • backwoodsman

    Another example of the perils of bolt ons. Wonder how bad they’ll look when she’s 50….

  • Jenny has fake boobs and I’m not a fan of fake boobs but there is something about the way Jenny acts that makes me think she is a wild woman in the rack. I think she has the legs and ass to be a lot of fun.