Nicole Trunfio’s Boney Bikini Pics From Miami Beach! OWW!

This will either turn you on or gross you out, so we’ll leave that for you bastards to decide. To Nicole’s credit, she’s an NYC-based supermodel & if this is the look that sells, then this is what you gotta give them. Hey, whatever it takes for that sweet spot in SoHo & those designer handbags & shoes, right?

The 26-year-old Australian supermodel escaped the wrath of Sandy by heading south to Miami Beach w/ her boyfriend. Nicole’s boyfriend, Gary Clark Jr. (his MySpace), is a Blues musician who has apparently worked w/ the likes of Alicia Keys & Dave Matthews Band, so I guess dating musically-oriented black dudes is a growing trend in the world lanky supermodels. Definitely not a bad trend.

  • oh yeah boney alright…but her box looks okay, can’t tell what her booty looks like..

    • I should’ve clicked on the rest of the photos…saw it,not liking it…but I wouldn’t deny it, if there was a chance…

  • lenilovesfeet

    She has this large ribcage with sticking out ribs, not hot. Looks like she was not meant to be this thin.

    • McP


  • Nookies

    with a black guy, eww. All good though, don’t really want to boink someone where I can literally count her ribs.

    • you are an idiot. That black guy is not disgusting and far more talented and of worth than you ass

      • Nookies

        Insecure black guy alert wee woo wee woo..Funny he not only looks disgusting but probably smells disgusting too. SHUT THE FUCK UP. How dare you reply to me. In what world do you think you are special enough to reply to me?

        • George the Canadian Bastard

          This is why you only have five followers on Twitter, Nookies.

          • Nookies

            Actually im down to 3 :*(

          • grgecdnbastard

            That is only one less than MoeJackson.

    • Hang ’em high

      Yeah, that skinny white trash whore must really hate her father to hook up with a boogie.

  • xoo

    you can see her ribs and her legs are so thin but the rest of her body isn’t really skinny looking. hmm

  • somebody needs to give her i.v. in her sleep

  • Loser

    Don’t know about all u bone haters out there but this is much hotter than a 300 lb whale in a bikini…

    • Nookies

      Most of the guys on this site are middle aged chubby chasers.

  • Anorexic chicks like this are horrible sexually except for oral. Banging into bones hurts and pain isn’t part of my sexual pleasure.

  • bdaad

    I like her ankles.

  • whatever

    Yeah, it’s a great trend to ruin your rarified blue eyes with mud colors. I guess in 200 years we’ll all be homely browns.

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