Vanessa Hudgens Bought Smoothies From Robeks With Little Sister Stella

Vanessa Hudgens & Stella Spend The Morning Together

Vanessa Hudgens spent time with her 16 year old younger sister Stella working out together and grabbing smoothies from Robeks following. Yes, Stella is still only 16 years old but we can note that she’ll be one year closer to the Barely Legal classification come November 13th. With Vanessa we know what we’ve got coming from her… bikini-clad throughout Spring Breakers and as a stripper in The Frozen Ground but with Stella all we know is that she’s rather active on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and once November 13th, 2013 hits there’ll likely be an unfortunate release of “private photos” similarly to Vanessa’s career track. Yeah, we’ll likely get some cease-and-desist letter for that last statement but given Stella’s enthusiasm to share photos with her followers, we’re just saying…

  • jimbolovesmiley

    So stellas 16 hey, send her to me shes legal here in the UK, ill make a woman out of her!

  • xoo

    i think vanessa is better looking. don’t like stellas blonde hair.

  • Loser

    Wasn’t aware tha belly rings were still a thing? Doesn’t she know those are ho’ish or maybe that’s just me…

  • lenilovesfeet

    Hmm they look alike, same annoying smirk, both have good legs. Vanessa is prettier I think.

  • IamLegend_2000

    @Loser piercings went out??? when did that happen, it’s still all I see on every girl 14 to 40 around here…just go to any mall & there they are