Kendall Jenner at “Nomad Two Worlds” by Russell James in Sydney

Kendall Jenner

So we really have no idea why in the hell Kendall Jenner attended the book launch for “Nomad Two Worlds” by Russell James in Sydney, Australia, no less. Give credit to Mama Kris to continue whoring out her daughters to collect hefty appearance fees. Looks like Kendall will be making Mama Kris a lot of money moving forward. In case you’re wondering, yes, Kendall is still just 16 years old… BUT… come November 3rd she turns 17! One more year before we can classify her under the Barely Legal tag. Get your calendar counters started. Interested in the book? Hit up the “Nomad Two Words” website.

By the way, Kendall’s tight little yellow number reminded us of another young hottie who recently wore yellow… that’d be Victoria Justice at the Fun Size premiere. Sure this looks like a shameless plug for us to track back to that post but you gotta admit this’ll be a nice little matchup of starlets on the rise.

Victorai JusticeL.A.: Victoria Justice Killin’ It On “Fun Size” Red Carpet Premiere

  • Mack Power

    Damm she might be one of the if not HOTTEST Kardashians/Jenners, though I do think Kourtney Kardashian is very HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bryanzee

      haha too funny.

      She’s definitely hotter then any of the Kardashians.

  • xoo

    she’s a little too flat. no boobs at all.

    • Katie Val

      She may not have much up front, but baby got back.

  • LaLa

    Kim has a better face, but Ms Kendall Jenner has a stunning body.

  • err

    shapeless body, shapeless legs, but there’s something about her.

  • Kendall is what I would describe as “willowy”. She is tall and young and pretty. Any number of girls her age would also look as good as she does. But she has mama pimp throwing her out there to the world. Kendall and Kylie both will be far more in our faces than their older sisters. Mama has more money and connections now.

  • Victoria is hotter but she is also older, interested in Kendall when she becomes legal

  • This young girl is going to be much better then her older sisters, that’s for sure..unless she decides to add things to her body, I think she’ll be if you compare her with VJ, then Victoria would take it by far

  • She’s built like a pole straight up and down no curves, she must get that from her dads side of the family.

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like her height but not her figure, has potential though. She’s very young and might get a bit thicker with age. Average face.

  • 1stclassarmysgt

    That tall girl is 17 today.

  • Nookies

    Sex tape in 5..4…3….