Miami: Audrina Patridge Used The Porta Potty @ 2012 Red Bull Flugtag

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge and her temporary douchebag BMX riding boyfriend Corey Bohan got paid an appearance fee to judge the 2012 Red Bull Flugtag in Miami, Florida over the weekend. It’s our guess that Red Bull really only needed Corey to judge so we’re guessing they did a favor for him to cough up an apperance fee for his unemployed girlfriend just so she could feel important and collect a payday. Seriously, we have no idea what Audrina has going for her now except for showing up to things. Given that Lauren Conrad continues to write books that people are foolishly purchasing and Kristin Cavallari is still working on that acting career given she recently appeared on FX’s The League, it’s about time Audrina signed up for something, perhaps more acting classes or something.

  • I’m surprised the seat was smoking. I know she has a little bit of a wanky look but something about her is sexy.

  • legs should be better

  • JennySte

    Where did sassy, shapely, fun Audrina Patridge go? Looks like the controllers who want a more “mature” Audrina got their way again. Audrina shows up with fabulous hair, nice daisy dukes, and toned legs, but more totally shapeless, flat-chested, and sagging than ever! Bring back the curves and cleavage of “The Hills” Audrina!

  • spanglylovesheels

    So Audrina has gone from opening fancy bars in Vegas to now opening the Jiffy John at a BMX event. Career is in full toilet mode now.

  • lenilovesfeet

    She’s quite sexy but I can’t find one good feature on her except her hair. Don’t like her legs, smile, implants, eyes, yet she’s attractive.