John Cusack . . . As Rush Limbaugh?!?

“New Crime Productions and John Cusack are currently considering a project about the larger-than-life radio personality, Rush Limbaugh. Betty Thomas, who covered similar terrain in her portrait of Howard Stern, is interested in directing.”[THR]

This one left our heads thoroughly scratched. John Cusack is apparently planning to produce and star in a biopic about America’s favorite right wing radio nutjob (go ahead neocon flamers: torch me), Rush Limbaugh. I can kind of/sort of understand Cusack wanting to produce the movie. Limbaugh is, despite his entirely hateful and hate-filled politics, a larger-than-life figure whose career is the stuff biopics are made for. But trying to imagine the fit and trim (by which I mean skinny and lanky) Cusack playing the corpulent and bulging Limbaugh made us wonder just how long it will take him to put on the weight. It also probably doesn’t help that Cusack is well-known to be to the left of mainstream American liberalism (he is a fierce critic of Obama’s application of the Patriot Act) which obviously doesn’t tow the line with Limbaugh’s rabid right wing extremism.

So will you be ponying up to watch another Hollywood liberal playing a famous right winger? Or should Cusack contact John Goodman and see if he’ll take over the leading role?