Mark Wahlberg Enjoyed His Wife More Than His Son’s Football Game

A scruffy Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham get close as they watch their son Michael's football game in Los Angeles. Wahlberg, who posed up with his son's squad for their team photo, also chatted with fellow actor and friend Michael Rapaport.

The somewhat homeless-looking Mark Wahlberg was seen with his wife & kids at his son Michael’s football over the weekend in Los Angeles. Judging by the pics, it appeared as if he was enjoying his wife’s company a little more than watching his son’s game. Seeing how they already have four kids, we’re gonna assume that Mark Wahlberg f’d-up in some way over the past week & is simply doing his best to make up for it by making his wife feel special in front of the papz.

The shitty movie season is almost upon us (we’re talking about January – March, where Hollywood studios dump their losers in hopes of hitting the jackpot), so this year’s Mark Wahlberg offering is “Broken City,” which hits theaters on January 18. The film also stars Russell Crowe & Catherine Zeta-Jones, with the story revolving around former cop named Billy Taggart, who begins following the wife of the New York City mayor, Emily Barlow and uncovers a much bigger scandal. Let me guess, Mark Wahlberg plays the cop, Russell Crowe is the mayor & Catherine Zeta-Jones is the wifie. Now, how wants to take a shot at guessing the full story?