Rita Rusic Enjoying A Day On The Beach In Miami

Rita Rusic Enjoying A Day On The Beach

52 year old MILFilicious singer, actress, cougar, and producer Rita Rusic was spotted showing off her bikini body while she enjoyed a day on the beach in Miami. Let’s remind you again, that body is 52 years old. We could try to write more about Rita but as you know, when it comes to bikini pics, we pretty much let those speak for themselves.

  • that’s a great 50+ body right there

    • bryanzee

      Pretty much.

      Would never think that was 50+ if I seen it in person.

  • I’m surprised the dog is not humping her the way she’s opened legged like she is….I’d do that tho, even after doggie seconds..lol.

  • backwoodsman

    The recent set with her daughter was a little disappointing, but certainly these pics remind one that Rita’s an elite ‘elder’ in the field.

  • jimbolovesmiley

    Thats 1 do-able 52 year old

  • xoo

    WOW! that is an incredible body.