L.A.: Eddie Murphy Takes Sugar Baby Paige Butcher For Coffee

Legendary comedian and actor Eddie Murphy stops by Coffee Bean with his model girlfriend Paige Butcher in Studio City

We last saw Eddie Murphy & his latest sugar baby Paige Butcher at Spike TV’s ‘Eddie Murphy: One Night Only’ event held over the weekend. The lovebirds once again took a break from their demanding tantric sex schedule to grab some coffee at a Coffee Bean location in Studio City. Eddie was of course rolling in his sweet-ass Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that he bagged sometime last year. Compared to other King Sugar Daddies, it’s fairly obvious that Eddie manages his cash a little better, mainly because he’s fucking Eddie Murphy & doesn’t need to walk around with an erect penis 24/7 to prove to everyone that he’s the shit. Whatever the case, both Eddie & Paige look real happy, but let’s hope he doesn’t fuck shit up by either getting her knocked up or God forbid, falling in temporary love & getting hitched.
Eddie's Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG