NYC: Irina Shayk Lookin’ Beautiful @ The Beatrice Inn Reopening

Irina Shayk Showin' Off Her Legs @ Reopening Of The Beatrice Inn In NYC

When I see Irina Shayk attending event after event all alone, I begin to wonder how much time her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo actually spends with her on a monthly basis. Considering we have a borderline creepy obsession with the Russian supermodel, we rarely post pics of the two together, so I’m shocked that Irina stays with him. It’s sad & ironic b/c if any other straight dude on the planet was Irina’s boyfriend, he’d be stuck to her ass 24/7, but I guess that’s one of the luxuries of being Cristiano Ronaldo. Either these two have an open relationship or Irina relies on a box full of vibrators to keep her satisfied b/c I think it’s safe to assume that a woman like Irina Shayk needs it all the time—Ok-Ok, at least twice a day!

Anyway, these were snapped at the reopening of The Beatrice Inn located in NYC’s West Village. Normally “The Bea,” as it was commonly known among its deep-pocketed patrons before it closed in 2009, was littered with off-duty supermodels, on-duty supermodels (servicing bankers, execs, etc.), stylish sugar daddies, prospective sugar babies, and socialites, but its apparently making a comeback as some sort of fancy restaurant. Their website is still under-construction, so it’s possible these photos are old. We’re still digging around, but in the meantime, enjoy a healthy dose of Irina…