• spanglylovesheels

    Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This restores some of my faith in the American people. All of Mitts deep pocketed friends and all the insurance companies and oil companies couldn’t buy his way into office.

  • Hell Yeah! I would have locked myself in my house for four years if Mitt won, and did you guys hear weed is legal in Colorado now.

  • What a bunch of fucking morons.

  • Nookies, elected to the Senate today: the first disabled woman, first openly lesbian woman, and first Asian woman. Is that going to be too much feminism?

    • Nookies

      Nah I think it was planned out. They stopped attacking Romneys taxes,etc. Unfortunately for Romney a bunch of dumb ass republicans said stupid shit about BC/Abortions/Rape. Which started that whole non existent “War on women” nonsense. So Obama started pandering to the female vote realizing that would be the most important group to target. Much like he did for gays, hispanics and blacks last election. So he knew he would have to do something so the moronic women wouldn’t question him. Now we have 3 women going into office. What a weird coincidence eh?

      The worst part is, because they are a woman or a minority that instantly makes them exempt from being questioned for their incompetency, or ridiculed,etc. Remember, when people correctly called Sarah Palin and Michelle bachmann a dumb ass people cried sexism. Or how people cried racism when questioning Obama. So now a disabled woman AND a dyke? GL, they can kill a box full of kittens and puppies and not be called out, if they do “ZOMG YOU HOMOPHOBIC BIGOT” or “How dare you attack a disabled woman”

      • Ha, the Republicans kept backing the shit talkers instead of kicking them out. The “rape is god’s will” guy – gone! The “you lie” guy – gone! The “legitimate rape/shut it down” guy – gone! And how was this guy on America’s technology board? And they can’t get rid of Limbaugh and Trump.

        Republicans sunk their own side. It was an all Republican Congress, yet their approval rating is among the lowest ever.

        • Nookies

          Indeed, if you take away their anti-gay, racism, homophobia, and stupid comments on things of that nature conservatives would be the lesser of two evils imho.

          • Forgot to mention the WoW playing woman crushed the Republican incumbent for a Senate seat too.

          • Nookies

            Goddamn men will be in chains within 8 years.

          • Loser

            “if you take away their anti-gay, racism, homophobia, and stupid comments”

            You can’t strip them of their core beliefs and then judge them. doesn’t make sense.

        • Democrat Senate. They haven’t submitted a budget in 3 years. .That’s why Congress has a low rating.

  • The dream is over

    Gr8, where do I get my food stamps?

  • grgecdnbastard

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • Nookies

    He promised change, but yet we still spend 10 billion a month on a useless war. That isn’t change. Sadly women shouldn’t of been given the right to vote in the first place. Considering they weren’t smart enough to realize he was pandering to women for their vote. People (women) are completely oblivious to that fact. He did it last election with the gays/hispanics /blacks. Ironically last election had the highest number of black voters in the history.

    Now that he’s elected that “war on women” will die out and you will not hear anything about it. He won’t prioritize women’s issues hell if even acknowledges it. Nice job American women.

    Women: Give them the right to vote, they turn around and make bad decisions, probably why we don’t allow them in positions of power. It’s kind of ironic though. Women complain about the objectification of women whilst referring to themselves as vaginas and ONLY voting because of their reproductive organs. Which is funny, women basically reduced themselves down to nothing but whats between their legs. This election proved one thing. That women/feminists are selfish. Forget about the wars, the drilling for oil destroying things in the process, let’s make it about our vaginas..I mean it’s the only thing women are good for. (according to women).

    • bryanzee


      • Nookies

        You living in LA and being hispanic, are you sure you can even read in english? 😛

        • bryanzee

          Man my dad is upper -class cracker. But yes I am part spanish but I’m not a beaner, like Bowser.

          • bryanzee

            Also don’t take this personal, just hate when people mistake Spaniards for Mexicans.

          • Nookies

            Oh yea, beaners are nasty. Spaniard chicks are hot

          • bryanzee

            Alba’s a bean

          • Nookies

            I make exceptions. Also, the amount of 1 star votes I got was funny..It’s pretty much a fact.

  • McP

    Why he did not deserve re-election: (1) war on drugs (including broken promise not to interfere with state marijuana laws), (2) Patriot Act and NDAA (another broken promise), (3) drone bombings of US citizens and their families (even children), (3) Republican health care “plan,” repackaged as “Obamacare,” (4) no serious action on the environment and climate change.

    Reasons to have voted for him: Republicans are morons and the party keeps getting dumber.

  • Moe

    Karl Rove being a sore loser…

    Watch the video here.

  • Okay Obama, let’s go kick some billionaire’s butt!!!

  • I have to say, it was pure schadenfreude watching Fox News coverage nearing the end of the election. They just looked so completely miserable. I’m not really sure Obama is the right guy, but I knew Romney wasn’t. I voted McCain 4 years ago

  • Well, trying to be part of the solution doesn’t seem to work, so I’m just gonna start being part of the problem. I’m gonna quit my job, go knock up a couple different chicks, and demand that the gov’ment give me shit that I didn’t work for but I think I’m entitled to. Cuz fuck it, that seems to be the new american way. While I’m at it… I think I’m gonna go buy a bunch of guns and sell them to some cartel members.

    • Nookies

      Yup, thats the general mindset of a 20 something liberal. They throw personal responsibility right out the window, they are completely oblivious to the phrase “actions have consequences” but then when they fuck up they expect the government to be there for them. It’s ridiculous.

    • No shit. I’m applying for disability, gonna retire on my government checks and the rest can go to hell.

    • Noah

      dude make sure you get one of them obama cell phones:

  • Republican could win EVERY election if they just visited Black and Hispanic voters on the campaign trail and shut up about abortion and birth control. They would win EVERY election with those simple adjustments and they refuse to do it.

    • That’s bullshit. those constituencies continue to show that they can only be bought, blacks with money and hispanics with amnesty and open borders. Only democrats will do that.

      • you have said borderline and worse things before, can’t listen to u about anything

        • Nookies

          Does that mean you can’t listen to me either?