“Skyfall” Hints that Bond Is (A Little Bit) Gay

“There is a wink-wink, arched eyebrow exchange between the two, in which Bardem slowly unbuttons Craig’s shirt, and the famously libidinous agent smiles as he hints at maybe having had previous experience in same-sex carnal relations.”[THR]

There’s a lot of buzz around this Friday’s release of the surefire blockbuster Skyfall, the latest Bond flick starring Daniel Craig as 007. One thing that a lot of watchers will be interested in is the latest buzz that the new film hints at a gay past for 007, mostly because of a scene in the new film that shows Bond getting unbuttoned by Javier Badem in a very, um, homoerotic way. Is the film finally going to reveal that Bond likes it both ways?

Many people (outside of the gay Hollywood execs that run Tinsel Town) have been clamoring for a gay version of James Bond. Could it be that the real deal comes parading out of the closet in Skyfall? And does that mean that the next Bond movie is going to be called Skydancer?