Nature Calls: Film Review

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Patton Oswalt is one of my favorite stars, actors, comedians, social commentators, etc. His wit is always razor sharp, his observations spot on, and his comic delivery pat perfect. (On a personal aside: his tweets kept me hilariously entertained through last night’s election drama. Please subscribe if you aren’t following him yet . . . and no, I don’t get any money from him).

But what can you say about his film career? Unfortunately, not much. His crowning glory remains the Pixar masterpiece Ratatouille in which his voice had the starring role. He also had a somewhat interesting role in last year’s Young Adult with Charlize Theron. But other than that, he’s usually relegated to playing a foul mouthed funny tubby guy who has only to be as funny and foul as possible. To his credit, he is always funny (much like Zach Galifianakis), no matter how bad his movies might be. Nature Calls is another notch in that worn belt.

Oswalt stars as Boy Scout Troop Leader Randy, an overly enthusiastic troop leader whose dad is dying and who thinks that the best way to deal with his impending demise is to take his troop of boys out on a real, old fashioned camping trip. He happens to be really bad at talking and guiding, so how he managed to become a troop leader is beyond me. It’s also beside the point, but you won’t notice . . . or at least the makers are hoping you won’t notice thanks to the ribald chemsitry between Oswalt and Johhny Knoxville who plays his brother Kirk.

As expected, the movie aims to show that no matter their age or profession, boys will be boys. And any attempt to make them behave as adults is not something Hollywood is ready to green light.