Barbara Palvin: 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party

Barbara Palvin: 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party

Looks like somebody earned an army of new fans over the past 24-hours! Hungarian-flavored Barbara Palvin, even though she’s been around for a while, was definitely a big hit following yesterday’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so we’re definitely looking forward to more as Barbara elbows her way through the crowd of bombshell supermodels in an attempt to make a name for herself. We got your back, Barbs!!

Barbara backstage & on the runway!

  • backwoodsman

    Definitely. OW!

  • Bobby

    Jeez this girl is absolutely natural gorgeous. Nothing fake and plastic about her, take note girls. I am in love, amazing face and body to match.

  • Bobby

    Also I’m requesting pics of Shanina Shaik, Isabeli Fontana, and Bregje Heinen at the after party if possible. Thanks dude.

  • Bobby

    Sorry for posting again but I just can’t help myself. Not only is she stunning and sexy, but her personality is so cute and amazing, just watch. She is the next big thing, how can you not love her.

  • i need to see more before I decide she is in the Adriana, Miranda league

  • bryanzee

  • Maggzzz

    Her eyes are striking, I like her.

  • there is a reason why most European Porn stars are Hungarian…. endless supply of hot women

  • xoo

    Call me crazy but imo she’s more beautiful than adriana and miranda.

    • Bobby

      not crazy, true.

  • LaLa

    Facially, this girl is one of the world’s most beautiful women.

  • err

    Just googled her — beautiful waist-to-hip ratio too.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Eyes are her best feature, they are mesmerizing. Her body is sooo good.

  • jimbolovesmiley

    I get heat for loving dakota fanning who is 19 in 3 months yet there is nothing but love for this new 18yr old model, u guys should be ashamed

    • jimbolovesmiley

      Sorry, i just looked her up she is 19 but id say there was some lies going on there, she looks mid 20’s to me

  • JennyOh!

    Much hotter than Candice.