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LINKS: Newly Single Taylor Swift Promotes Her New Album “Red” in Paris

"Love Story" singer Taylor Swift arrives at Virgin to promote her new album "Red" on November 9

Considering she’s single these days (a rarity for Taylor), we’re pretty sure Taylor’s having plenty of crazy sex these days in hopes to finally land the right man!

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PARIS: Joana Preiss Definitely Smoking High Fashion Crack

Joana Preiss attending the 'Chanel The Little Black Jacket' exhibition launch at the Grand Palais in Paris

Again, we’re in desperate mode at the moment, so we’re going international with our shit in hopes to find some content to ride us through the weekend. Obviously we’re doing a horrible job.

Pictured above is 40-year-old French actress Joana Preiss. She was seen at Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket exhibiition launch party held at the world-famous Grand Palais in Paris. More info on its official website >>>

Rumer Willis Bikini Photos In Miami! This Time With Extra Booty!!

Rumer Willis & Jayson Blair Soak Up Some Miami Sun

Since we know how much you all enjoyed Rumer Willis in a bikini when she was vacationing in Hawaii here she is again showing off that bikini body of hers. This time Rumer and boyfriend Jayson Blair spent the day on the sunny beaches of Miami, Florida. Apparently she had a performance too. Since when is Rumer Willis known as Singer Rumer Willis? Anyway, maybe this time she’ll get a little more love from this tough crowd… but likely not.

Teresa Palmer @ “Lincoln” Premiere at AFI Fest 2012

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer isn’t one of the stars in the upcoming film Lincoln but is the only noteworthy of the attendees at the AFI Fest premiere. Directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, Lincoln stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln. The film is based on the Doris Kearns Goodwin biography of Lincoln, “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln”, which covers the final four months of Lincoln’s life. The film also stars David Strathairn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Spader, and Tommy Lee Jones. Look for it in limited release today in theaters with wide release set for next Friday, November 16th. For more info, visit the Lincoln official website.

Las Vegas: Kat Graham @ 2012 Soul Train Awards

Kat Graham

Kat Graham was amongst the attendees at the 2012 Soul Train Awards at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Hosted by Cedric The Entertainer, the show included performances by John Legend, Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole, and Leah Labelle, to name a few. New Edition was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. For a list of all the nominees, visit the Soul Train website. The show will air on BET on Sunday, November 25th at 8/7c. For more info, visit the 2012 Soul Train Awards at

London: Kim Kardashian at Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins Launch Party

Kim Kardashian

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were in London for the Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins launch party at Aqua. Why Dorothy Perkins would want to do business with the Kardashians is beyond us but nonetheless the money-making machine of Kris Jenner’s stable of daughters continues. Anyway, normally we limit our Kim posts but it looks like Kim got a little too much of the spray tan on her legs, we’re just saying. And as for Kourtney, well, she didn’t even bother to get any love from us.

Trailer Watch: Brad Pitt In “World War Z”

Coming to theaters June 13, 2013 is Brad Pitt’s much talked about action epic World War Z in which Pitt battles a zombie apocalypse. Based on the novel by Max Brooks, the movie has been in the news for some very expensive production troubles it has encountered but the trailer makes it looks like all has finally been sorted out and the distributors stand to make a bundle at next summer’s box office. Also starring are Mireille Enos, Bryan Cranston, and Matthew Fox. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. Will you be watching it next summer?

Lincoln: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln is about what you’d expect from a Spielberg historical epic/biopic/war film. He has, after films like Schindler’s List, Munich, War Horse, and Saving Private Ryan established himself as an auteur with his own visual and emotional style that is gritty and elegant and always (always) pacifist in theme as it laments the violence humanity enacts upon both itself and the world it belongs to. It is much too easy to feel simultaneous cinematic pride and personal shame when watching anything Spielberg has done since the mid 90s. Lincoln is no different.

The movie handily takes us into the lead up to the Civil War: yes, the President is torn and challenged, just as the nation is, but the truly surprising element in this story is how political the entire enterprise is. There is actually very little of Lincoln staring dreamily into the distance, wondering if the union will survive the coming war. Instead, we have a movie about backroom dealings and outright political bribery, much of which makes today’s post Citizens United political world look shockingly tamed. If you want to talk character assassination, check out what is said about Lincoln in this movie by his Confederate foes. There’s an art to an insult, and his enemies are masters of slinging mud.

Because the film deals less with the rise of Lincoln to the presidency and more with his historic challenges in maintaining the American union, Spielberg’s direction is also less sentimental and more objective than we are used to of late. To some that will be a disappointment; to others (like yours truly), it makes the film work in unexpected and daring ways. In the end, however, all of this may be for naught because Lincoln will not be remembered for its plot or as Spielberg’s finest directorial achievement.

Let me just be frank: Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln is the film, so much so that when everything else about the movie may be forgotten, it is his image that persists in the memory. The diligence with which he has crafted the character and the performance – from not only the voice and facial visuals but the very way in which he lifts his head and lays his wrist on his lap – is so perfect that you wonder whether it’s fair to even call this ‘acting’. I’ll let others settle this argument; one thing no one will be arguing over is Daniel Day-Lewis’s transcendence as Lincoln. It feels trivial to even bother to mention it, but it must go without saying that this year’s Oscar race for Best Actor is officially over. Just give him the award. NOW.

L.A.: BREAKING!! Katherine Heigl Drops iPhone On The Ground!!

You see the type of shit that gets posted the day after the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Obviously, we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, but hey, we gotta keep the lights on around here, right?

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as super bitch Katherine Heigl was seen grabbing lunch w/ her mom Nancy at wildy overpriced & overrated Katsuya in Los Angeles. We’d talk about her upcoming projects, we hate her too much.

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