Rumer Willis Bikini Photos In Miami! This Time With Extra Booty!!

Rumer Willis & Jayson Blair Soak Up Some Miami Sun

Since we know how much you all enjoyed Rumer Willis in a bikini when she was vacationing in Hawaii here she is again showing off that bikini body of hers. This time Rumer and boyfriend Jayson Blair spent the day on the sunny beaches of Miami, Florida. Apparently she had a performance too. Since when is Rumer Willis known as Singer Rumer Willis? Anyway, maybe this time she’ll get a little more love from this tough crowd… but likely not.

  • skilligan

    i like her body overall, that face though, are we sure jay leno isn’t her dad?

    • A double bagger for sure but worth it for that body.

  • bryanzee

    This is why there’s alcohol.

    • Moe

      you’re right. I bet she looks really hot after a few tequila shots & half bottle of vodka…

      • McP

        Right, at night you’re shouting OW! and taking her to bed, and waking up in the morning and saying OH!

  • McP

    She has the money, she ought to go see Elsa Pataky’s surgeon.

  • Moe’s better looking twin

    Damn that is one ugly ass person. Could be Leno’s kid with that big ugly assed chin.

  • Nookies

    No amount of ass can make up for her potato head.

    • nay

      aaaahhahaha potato head is RIGHT. she’s way below av on the face. but her money makes up for it so nope don’t feel too sorry for her she def has it better than most in that sense…

  • spanglylovesheels

    I feel slightly sorry for her because in real life she would be average or better than average but in Hollywood she will forever be compared to hot starlets her age.

    • Nookies

      No she wouldn’t.

  • I fel sorry for her because every guy she meets thinks he should be able to use her sexually however they want because the whold world knows about her Mother. No guy is going to expect to be told no and that puts a lot of extra pressure on her to be a sexual superstar.

  • fstop78

    Not surprised by this. It’s natures way. When a woman has a so so feature nature will sometimes make up for it in other areas so she can still attract the opposite sex. I see this all the time. Face ugly girls usually have smokin bodies. Girls with great faces usually have zilch in the booty or boob dept.