Mario Balotelli Got His Bentley Continental GT A Camouflage Paint Job!

Mario Balotelli Shows Off His Camouflage Bentley Continental GT

For all you non-soccer fans, Mario Balotelli is an Italian soccer star who currently plays as a striker for Manchester City in the English Premiere League. The 22-year-old dude of Ghanaian decent most recently signed a $38 million contract with the team for five years. Not bad, but if he’s gonna be rolling around in $300 DSquared sweats & Camouflage-colored Bentleys (the one he has costs around $212K–minus paint job), he better be raking in $100 million over five years!!

  • Nookies

    Leave it to a black guy to ghetto up a sweet, classy ride. ppppfttt

    • Moe

      I don’t get the racist stuff in some of the comments?

      You do know it’s 2012 and Barack Obama is president, right?

      • Nookies

        That wasn’t racist moe. We have a black president because of the liberal media, NY libitards and all of the celebrities hopping on the bandwagon. besides, he’s only half ^_^

        • nope. Obama is more the half back. the people you ,Nookies speak of are half black.

          over 90 % of American African aren’t arent even 40% African. they don’t know their slave ancestors nor are able to say where their family is from. Obama has a Kenyan father…that makes him black then most AAs