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L.A.: Kristen Stewart Goes w/ A See-Thru Dress on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2” Premiere

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart left very little to the imagination as she catwalked down the red carpet in a golden lace dress at the Los Angeles premiere of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2,” which officially hits theaters this Thursday. Needless to say, we definitely need to see a few more angels of Kristen in this dress before we can give a final assessment, but I’m pretty sure you bastards will enjoy the few pics that are already in the gallery. I guess this is one way to celebrate the end of the Kristen’s career cash-cow series, but does this mean it’s all downhill from here for the next 10-15 “Twilight” premieres around the globe?! Let’s hope not.

Next issue on hand is Kristen’s career prospects following the end of “Twilight.” After watching countless extremely awkward interviews of her, I think it’s safe to say that what she does on screen in “Twilight” isn’t really Kristen transforming herself into Bella, but rather Kristen acting like Kristen. It’s quite possibly the blandest role in the history of Hollywood blockbusters. She literally sat on a stool inside a studio & read lines off a piece of paper in her naturally strained & awkward tone. What’s even more surprising is that she does the same thing in all her other movies, so her range is definitely limited to playing awkward girls who have trouble expressing themselves (i.e. Bella, a.k.a. Kristen Stewart).

Here’s more juice:

After being brought back from near-death by Edward after childbirth, Bella begins her new life as a vampire and mother to their daughter, Renesmee. But when Irina, a member of the Denali coven, misidentifies Renesmee as a immortal child, a human infant who has been bitten and transformed into a vampire, to the Volturi, they set out to battle and destroy the Cullens for their betrayal. In a final attempt to survive, the Cullens begin to gather foreign Vampire clans and nomads to stand and witness against the Volturi, including the Denali, the Amazonian, the Egyptian, the Irish and Romanian Covens, with European and American nomads. With their allies, the Cullens and the Wolf Pack stand to prove their innocence to the Volturi once and for all.

So, who’s gonna check this out? After the “Batman” premiere earlier this summer, make sure you’re packin’ (at least a couple rounds) if you’re planning to hit the 12:01AM showing. There are crazy fucking people running around these days…

Kristen Stewart

Miranda Kerr Works Her Perfect Style While Catwalking Around NYC

Supermodel Miranda Kerr goes glamorous in a white sleeved dress and black belt, as she goes out and about in New York City

This, my friends, is the definition of flawless style.

The woman looks like a million bucks, regardless of whether she’s catwalking down the runway or some random sidewalk in NYC! These latest photos of Miranda Kerr were snapped earlier this afternoon as she was seen looking absolutely glamorous in a simple, yet stylish white dress & carried a light blue Prada handbag.

For The Ladies: Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner @ “Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2” L.A. Premiere

Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

We wanna show all you ladies out there some love with some Werewolf & Vampire action courtesy of Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner.

General Petraeus & His Play-Thing Paula Broadwell Bring The Links!

General Petraeus & his play-thing, Paula Broadwell

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Cosmo, December 2012: Taylor Swift Continues Experimenting w/ “I’m Not An 8 Year Old Anymore” Outfits

Full disclosure: I don’t normally read Taylor Swift interviews nor do I read Cosmo for that matter, but these photos of Taylor caught my eye & coincidentally, a couple of the photos happened to have parts of the interview. I WAS CURIOUS, DAMN IT!!

First of all, this was definitely one of the dumbest interviews I’ve read in a while. Actually, I’d be surprised if it was A) Done in person b/c who the fuck talks like that?! B) Actually written by Taylor & not one of her lackeys in the Image Control Department. If you want a good laugh at Taylor’s expense, read on.

Let’s analyze a couple of the exchanges:

COSMO: Have you ever had trouble standing up for what you want?
TAYLOR: […] I have no problem standing up for anything I believe in. but any of my friends will tell you: You will never ever, ever, ever see talk back to anyone, ever. I will let someone say soething so mean to me and have no response because I have six different mean things to I can say in my head and I can’t [say out loud]. Because I have this big fear of saying something I’ll regret one day or saying something that iwll really hurt someone. I’d just rather not raise my voice in a fight. When it comes to my career, I will absolutely stand up for everything that I have to be and be brutally honest and be ruthless about it. But not so much in my personal life.

COSMO: You talk a lot about your friends. Are you a girls’ girl?
TAYLOR: I am totally a girls’ girl! Guy friends are important too, but my girlfriends have stopped me from making a lot of bad choices. Your girlfriends are objective and they don’t feel desperate passionate feelings [you’re feeling]. They just see that he cheated on you, he lied about it….and you’re considering this a viable option? This is still on the table? There’s still a table for this to be on? We are totally those girls who it’s like, “He said he wants me back; do I text him back? Do i not text him back? What do I do? Freeze him out? Yeah, ok, freeze him out.” It’s a committee.

COSMO: How do you know if something feels right?
TAYLOR: I think the great defining factor for me is whether I want more. When they dive away, do I wish they would turn around at the end of the street and come back? Or am I fine they’re going home?

COSMO: What else do you need in a relationship?
TAYLOR: I need that unexplainable spark. I know people who have been friends for months and he liked her more than she liked him, then she decided she liked him….That happens and people have amazing relationships that way. I just need to see someone and feel Oh, no, uh-oh. It’s only happened a few times in my life, but I feel like if I was gonna be someone forever, it would be because I saw them and I thought, Oh, no.

I’m sorry, I’m just so fucking annoyed right now after transcribing all her bullshit. It’s just that she sounds so fucking crazy & full of herself. I guess that’s what all the fame, money & people telling kissing your ass 24/7 does to one’s ego.

It’s also no wonder why Taylor Swift goes through so many dudes b/c if that’s actually how she talks, I can see a lot of guys going, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?” and then storming out the room. There’s a reason she gets so hurt that she’s compelled to write stupid songs about ex-lovers. Plus, it sounds like Taylor’s girlfriends are all up in her biz & who the fuck wants to date a girl and her entourage of overly protective, bitchy girlfriends?! I guess even though she’s kinda fucked in the head, dudes over look that fact for one simple reason: Bragging rights to friends: “Ya, I fucking hit that & yes, the third song in Taylor’s second album is about me. That bitch.”

Also, how did the interview go without once mentioning the word “sex” & asking the question, “Do you consider yourself promiscuous?” Is it safe to assume that if Taylor was black or Latina, she’d be quickly tagged as a sex-freak whore? I’m sorry I gotta bring race in here, but I just feel like she’s getting a free pass only because her wholesome, white girl image is literally a cash cow for Taylor’s “friends,” family & especially her record company. It’s fucked up, but that’s the biz!

Irina Shayk Shoots For Xti Fall-Winter, 2012 Campaign

Aside from the ladies who want to look hot, all you dudes with the goal of making the woman in your life a little hotter, look no further than Spanish designer Xti. I’m fully convinced that if anybody can look remotely as sexy as Irina Shayk does in this shoot, that should be perfectly fine for all normal dudes. Hit their official website for more juice >>>

This is definitely my favorite photo of the shoot:

Tickle This: Elmo Puppetter Accused of Underage Sex Allegations with 16 Year Old Boy

“Kevin Clash, the Sesame Street puppeteer who voices Elmo, has taken a leave of absence from the show amid allegations he had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.”[THR]

File this one under “Well, kids, the world is a complicated . . . and creepy place sometimes.” Kevin Clash, the much-heralded and beloved puppeteer who is the voice of Sesame Street‘s mega-sueprstar Elmo, has taken a leave of absence from the show following allegations he had a sexual relationship with a 16 year-old teenage boy, now aged 23.

For the record, it seems at the moment that Clash will emerge unscathed from the scandal as Sesame Street took the trouble to issue a statement asserting that it had “found the allegation of underage conduct to be unsubstantiated” and that Clash has been granted leave by the show so as to begin the process of “taking actions to protect his reputation.”

Clash himself does not deny the relationship, claiming that, “I had a relationship with [the accuser]. It was between two consenting adults and I am deeply saddened that he is trying to make it into something it was not.”

Check out the full statement by clicking on the link. And stay tuned for all the gay sex Muppet master statutory rape developments right here! Between Mitt Romney wanting to sack Big Bird and now this, Sesame Street just isn’t the neighborhood it once was. Those Muppets are tough and nasty!

SHOCKING! “Skyfall” Tops Global Box-Office with BIGGEST ‘Bond’ Opening EVER

Box office records just aren’t what they used to be! Once upon a time, movies held box office records for a decade, or even a generation. The galactically massive take of movies like Star Wars, Titanic, and The Lion King was a sea-changing and defining moment in cinematic history.

Now, box office records are broken and rewritten with such frequency that it makes almost no sense to even bother taking note. And yet here we are, on another Monday, noting another surpassing of a previous record that should surprise absolutely no one: Skyfall, the latest stellar adventure in the ongoing saga of James Bond, managed to take the biggest opening for the franchise with $87.8 million in North America and $428.6 million overseas. This brings its cumulative gross to more than $518 million since it opened overseas more than two weeks ago, where it also took a record open in the United Kingdom.

Sony’s President of Worldwide Distribution, Rory Bruer, acclaimed, “It’s been a wild, fantastic ride. The holds have been extraordinary and people will want to see this film again and again.” It helps that the movie is, actually, quite excellent. Many have even crowned it the best of all the Bond movies, even though its central character is not 007 but M, played by Judi Dench.

The other movies making up the top five at the box office were the following:

2. Wreck-It Ralph: $33.1 million
3. Flight – $15.1 million
4. Argo – $6.7 million
5. Taken 2 – $4 million

Open in limited release was Steven Spielberg’s historical biopic Lincoln which earned $900,000 playing only in 11 cities. It opens nationwide in the next two weeks.

London: Cheryl Cole Arriving at BBC Radio 1 Studios

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole and the rest of her Girls Aloud bandmates arrived at BBC Radio 1 to do some promo work for their comeback tour and new single and album. Their new single “Something New” is set for release on November 18th and their second greatest hits album, in conjunction with their comeback tour, “Ten”, will release on November 26th. Check out the music video for “Something New” below:

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