Cosmo, December 2012: Taylor Swift Continues Experimenting w/ “I’m Not An 8 Year Old Anymore” Outfits

Full disclosure: I don’t normally read Taylor Swift interviews nor do I read Cosmo for that matter, but these photos of Taylor caught my eye & coincidentally, a couple of the photos happened to have parts of the interview. I WAS CURIOUS, DAMN IT!!

First of all, this was definitely one of the dumbest interviews I’ve read in a while. Actually, I’d be surprised if it was A) Done in person b/c who the fuck talks like that?! B) Actually written by Taylor & not one of her lackeys in the Image Control Department. If you want a good laugh at Taylor’s expense, read on.

Let’s analyze a couple of the exchanges:

COSMO: Have you ever had trouble standing up for what you want?
TAYLOR: […] I have no problem standing up for anything I believe in. but any of my friends will tell you: You will never ever, ever, ever see talk back to anyone, ever. I will let someone say soething so mean to me and have no response because I have six different mean things to I can say in my head and I can’t [say out loud]. Because I have this big fear of saying something I’ll regret one day or saying something that iwll really hurt someone. I’d just rather not raise my voice in a fight. When it comes to my career, I will absolutely stand up for everything that I have to be and be brutally honest and be ruthless about it. But not so much in my personal life.

COSMO: You talk a lot about your friends. Are you a girls’ girl?
TAYLOR: I am totally a girls’ girl! Guy friends are important too, but my girlfriends have stopped me from making a lot of bad choices. Your girlfriends are objective and they don’t feel desperate passionate feelings [you’re feeling]. They just see that he cheated on you, he lied about it….and you’re considering this a viable option? This is still on the table? There’s still a table for this to be on? We are totally those girls who it’s like, “He said he wants me back; do I text him back? Do i not text him back? What do I do? Freeze him out? Yeah, ok, freeze him out.” It’s a committee.

COSMO: How do you know if something feels right?
TAYLOR: I think the great defining factor for me is whether I want more. When they dive away, do I wish they would turn around at the end of the street and come back? Or am I fine they’re going home?

COSMO: What else do you need in a relationship?
TAYLOR: I need that unexplainable spark. I know people who have been friends for months and he liked her more than she liked him, then she decided she liked him….That happens and people have amazing relationships that way. I just need to see someone and feel Oh, no, uh-oh. It’s only happened a few times in my life, but I feel like if I was gonna be someone forever, it would be because I saw them and I thought, Oh, no.

I’m sorry, I’m just so fucking annoyed right now after transcribing all her bullshit. It’s just that she sounds so fucking crazy & full of herself. I guess that’s what all the fame, money & people telling kissing your ass 24/7 does to one’s ego.

It’s also no wonder why Taylor Swift goes through so many dudes b/c if that’s actually how she talks, I can see a lot of guys going, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?” and then storming out the room. There’s a reason she gets so hurt that she’s compelled to write stupid songs about ex-lovers. Plus, it sounds like Taylor’s girlfriends are all up in her biz & who the fuck wants to date a girl and her entourage of overly protective, bitchy girlfriends?! I guess even though she’s kinda fucked in the head, dudes over look that fact for one simple reason: Bragging rights to friends: “Ya, I fucking hit that & yes, the third song in Taylor’s second album is about me. That bitch.”

Also, how did the interview go without once mentioning the word “sex” & asking the question, “Do you consider yourself promiscuous?” Is it safe to assume that if Taylor was black or Latina, she’d be quickly tagged as a sex-freak whore? I’m sorry I gotta bring race in here, but I just feel like she’s getting a free pass only because her wholesome, white girl image is literally a cash cow for Taylor’s “friends,” family & especially her record company. It’s fucked up, but that’s the biz!